Killer Casey was a heavyweight boxer who was active in the 1940s. He was the heavyweight champ partially due to his manager using crooked means to insure that Killer won his matches. When hopeful contender Danny Dougherty went into the ring, he was knocked out and left paralyzed with a fractured skull. His neighbor, policewoman Betty Dean suspected foul play and asked her ally Namor to investigate.[1]

Namor challenged Killer Casey to a match at Madison Square Gardens. Noting Namor's superior strength, Casey's manager came with a way to stack the odds in Casey's favor. During the match, they attempted to weaken Namor with a heat ray and later splashed ammonia in his eyes. Their efforts only managed to anger Namor to the point where he knocked Killer Casey right out of the ring with his most powerful punch. Namor won the match. Namor gave the prize money to the Dougherty family to help with their medical expenses.[1]

Casey's activities over the next several years is unknown, but by 1948 he had obtained a new manager, Hawk Martin, and was again a famed (and feared) boxing champ. However, while in the midst at causing a ruckus in a restaurant, Casey was floored by a lucky punch from would-be opera star Scott Warren, an accident which enraged both him and Hawk due the possible bad press. Seeing Scotti -- having let the incident go to his head -- abandon his singing career to become a boxer himself, Casey and Hawk set up a series of fixed fights for the supposed next champion to win, planning to easily thrash Scotti during the big match between them, thus earning a small fortune from bets made on the fight while getting even with the former singer. Luckily, the original accident had been witnessed by "Steve Rogers" and Betsy Ross, who investigated as Captain America and Golden Girl, easily learning the truth. When facing Scotti with the evidence failed to work, Cap then chose to foil Casey and Hawk's plans by acting as Scotti's training partner, injured him prior to the night of the big fight, and then took over as Scotti's substitute, beating the brutal champ in spite of his and Hawk's tricks. Having learned the error of his ways, Scotti humbly accepted a portion of the won purse to again pursue a musical career, while Killer Casey was again left an apparent has-been.[2]

Killer Casey's boxing career after this defeat remains unrevealed.


Killer Casey is a capable heavyweight boxer.


Casey relies too heavily on his strength, bruiser mentality, and intervention from his manager to win matches. He does not appear to have any real strategy in the ring.


Boxing gloves.

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