Killer Dawson was a ruthless criminal who was active in the 1940s. He was locked in prison for murder but escaped in the winter of 1943. He was soon captured by Detective Carey. Carey's car broke down on a country road as he was attempting to bring the crook in. Happening on the scene was rich socialite Marla Drake who was heading to a costume party in a leopard print costume. When Carey attempted to take her vehicle with his gun drawn she mistook him Killer Dawson and knocked the officer out.

She soon learned her mistake when checking Carey's identifications and then being thanked by the real Killer Dawson, who thought that she was trying to spring him from police custody. Marla played along until Dawson attempted to get away in her car with her as passenger. Marla slammed on the breaks, causing Dawson to strike his head on the steering wheel, knocking him out. Dawson was then cuffed to Carey's unconscious body and Marla went to get a doctor for both men.

Dawson was soon back in police custody and the situation had the press referring to Marla as the "Black Fury", and it being the first of her many costumed adventures.

Killer Dawson's subsequent fate is unrevealed.

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