Killer King Cole committed a bank robbery in a seemingly peaceful town. He easily escaped, as the locals were afraid of him. [1]

A young boy called Mickey admired Cole, and performed a copycat robbery while masked like his idol. Two-Gun Kid arrested the boy, but Cole revealed himself to be the boy's mentor. Cole came in defense of his student and pulled a gun on the Kid. The Kid was faster than Cole and disarmed the experienced robber. [1]

Mickey turned the tables on the Kid, anf managed to disarmed the gunslinger. Cole then used a rock to beat the Kid. Cole subsequently ordered Mickey to kill the Kid. The Kid recovered and managed to disarm Mickey. With his remaining pistol, the Kid shot Cole's pistol out of the man's hand. [1]

Without their weapons, Cole and the Kid faced each other in a fist fight. Cole pulled out a dagger and wounder Kid in the arm. However, the Kid still managed to outfight Cole and to capture his opponent. He delivered Cole to the local jail. While in captivity, Cole had a nervous break down. [1]




Experienced gunfighter and skilled in unarmed combat. He also uses throwing daggers as back-up weapons. [1]


Slower in the draw, and less skilled than Two-Gun Kid. [1]

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