Killer Kole was a killer who was executed on the electric chair during the 1940s for his crimes. Before his death, he vowed that he would kill the three judges responsible for sentencing him to death. Through a quirk of fate, this seemingly empty threat would become a reality. In the summer of 1942, Dr. Thomas Austin has announced that he had perfected a way to bring the dead back to life and intended to show the press and his students by bringing a deceased gorilla back to life. His colleague Dr. Jason Weirdler, having grown jealous of Austin's success, had the gorilla's brain replaced with that of Killer Kole, hoping to embarrass Austin should his experiment succeed. Among those witnessing the experiment were Captain America and Bucky; however, it was a failure.

Humiliated, Dr. Austin gave up on his attempts. His students buried the gorilla and in some sick jest dressed it up in human clothing. That night, there was a powerful storm, and as fate would have it, a bolt of lightning struck the creature's grave, creating the catalyst needed to revive Kole's brain in the gorilla's body. Alive once again, and apparently unshaken by his new grotesque form, Kole sought to get revenge against the judges that sentenced him to death. Seeking to gather his old gang together, some reflex memory in his new body brought him instead to the Wengler Brothers Circus where the ape originated from. There, Killer Kole freed the other apes and they willingly followed him into the night, Kole seemingly having full control over them or having their full obedience. Fleeing into Central Park, Kole clashed with Captain America, who was confused when the talking ape called himself Killer Kole.

Escaping Captain America and Bucky, Kole paid a visit to the home of Judge Hudson, one of the judges who sentenced him to death. Kole strangled him to death in his sleep before Captain America and the authorities could arrive. Likewise, when Kole went to kill Judge Basset, they were too late to stop him. Also by this time, Dr. Weirdler had heard the news, and horrified by the menace he unleashed, vowed to help correct his grave mistake.

Having cornered Killer Kole at the home of Judge Johnson, Captain America and Bucky prevented Kole from hanging the judge. During the altercation, Kole attempted to throw a knife at Captain America; however Dr. Weirdler stepped into its path, sacrificing his life to save Captain America. With the fire department raising ladders into Johnson's apartment to allow the police to enter, Killer Kole pounced out the window and attempted to use the ladder to escape. Captain America jumped after him and knocked the villain off the ladder, sending him toppling to his death.[1]


In his ape body, Killer Kole had the average strength of a gorilla. He was able to command other apes from the same circus. However, if this was an extra sensory ability granted from having his body transplanted into the body of an ape, or if the apes followed him due to his body's familiar scent is unrevealed.


Killer Kole wielded throwing knives.

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