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Becoming Killer Shrike[]

After Simon Maddicks sold the original Killer Shrike suit to the Hobgoblin, he sold the suit to an unnamed criminal.

Goblin War[]

Killer Shrike was present during a battle between Hobgoblin's forces and the Goblin Underground. He, along with every other Hobgoblin franchise, joined Team Goblin when Green Goblin apparently killed Hobgoblin, really Kingsley's butler Claude.[1]

Killer Shrike was among the former Hobgoblin minions that encountered Electro at the Bar with No Name.[2]

Killer Shrike was among the villains seen at the funeral for Francine Frye that was held at the Bar with No Name at the time when Black Cat arrived looking for assistance against Spider-Man. He was later among the villains that sided with Black Cat when she was forming her gang.[3]

Killer Shrike was among the villains rounded by Missile Mate and brought to Goblin King where Missile Mate claimed that Hobgoblin "abandoned" them.[4]

Black Cat later had Killer Shrike and Melter beat up Ringer.[5]

Killer Shrike later joined Swarm's Sinister Six when they attacked Spider-Man and the students of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. After Swarm was defeated, the villains surrendered.[6]



Seemingly that of Simon Maddicks.


Seemingly those of Simon Maddicks.

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