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At some point in the past, the alien woman who would become Killer Thrill was friends and partners with Ora. She was captured and tortured until she went insane, turning her into a maniacal, thrill-seeking sadist. Following this, she became a ruthless space pirate and bounty hunter, claiming a temple on an unnamed graveyard planet as her base of operations.[1]

Killer Thrill first came to Earth with fellow bounty hunters Guzz and Coldwar, having been hired by the Collector to capture a Symbiote that had been taken to Earth and was posing as a costume. She razed the church where the Symbiotes was hiding, but when it bonded to a superhuman host she decided to observe its antics at "playing super hero", vetoing her comrades' suggestion of capturing it as quickly and efficiently as possible.[2] After the symbiote and its new host devoured Coldwar,[3] Killer Thrill and Guzz captured its previous host, Spider-Man, and tortured him to lure it into a trap. During the ensuing fight, the symbiote cut off and ate her left arm, forcing her to retreat.[4] At some point, she acquired a prosthetic made from the limb of a Flora colossi, presumably from the Collector.

Years later, Killer Thrill came into conflict with Drax the Destroyer, who foiled her mission and destroyed her prosthetic.[5] She later acquired a symbiote of her own and captured the Starjammers, bringing her into conflict with the time-displaced X-Men and Venom.[6] When engaged in a battle with Marvel Girl, Killer Thrill was attacked and consumed by a Poison.[7]


While Killer Thrill was not always insane, as a result of torture she is a ruthless, thrill-seeking sadist. She gleefully causes wanton destruction and chaos with no concern whatsoever for collateral damage, and is willing to neglect capturing an easy bounty and despoil a captured bounty in order to amuse herself. She is prone to using slang and neologisms in her speech.[8] Killer Thrill also finds combat and torture arousing, frequently flirting with her captives and opponents.[4][7]



Combat Psionics: Killer Thrill is a psychokinetic super soldier with with various mental abilities that are activated by adrenaline, usually during heated battle.

  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy

Klyntar: At some point after her battle with Drax, Killer Thrill acquired a Klyntar symbiote, granting her the assorted abilities common to those bonded to them.[6]


Missing left arm: Killer Thrill lost her left arm in a fight with the Venom symbiote, and replaced it with a prosthetic made from the limb of a Flora colossi. This arm was destroyed by Drax the Destroyer.[1]

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