Killer-Watt's first public appearance was a bank robbery. The super-hero Spider-Girl intervened but was defeated and saved by the mysterious adventurer, Darkdevil. Killer Watt next struck at the musical concert. He had worked as a roadie for the band when an electrical accident gave him his powers. Spider-Girl was able to defeat him and he was taken into custody.

It's unknown precisely how Killer Watt found freedom and became a member of the Revengers, but he was a member of that team when the overtook the Avengers Mansion. However, despite their ambush of the Avengers, the Revengers were defeated with the assistance of several of the Avengers' allies.

Shortly after he was recruited into Funny Face's villainous Savage Six, claiming he was only in the group for the 'rush'. Battling Spider-Girl once more, Killerwatt nearly succeeded in defeating her, unknowingly causing her to temporarily lose her super powers with his last electrical shock.

Later seen working for the Red Queen's Revengers team along side new member Magneta, Killerwatt once again encountered Spider-Girl, this time among the Avengers ranks. Killerwatt joined Sabreclaw in temporarily worked alongside earth's heroes during Galactus' final attack on the planet.

Killerwatt joined the Redeemer program run by Agent Weadon, performing covert operations in exchange for his eventual pardon. Assigned to a SHIELD transport mission to protect 'Specimen 297', Killerwatt is prevented from completing his task when Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine- working to undermine the operation- leaves him trapped in the sewer briefly. Soon after, Killerwatt (along with the rest of Weadon's team) are temporarily reassigned under Maria Hill's command and sent to bring in Spider-Girl for her involvement in the release of 'Specimen 297'. Finding themselves in a three-way battle with Carnage and Spider-Girl, Mr. Abnormal, Earthshaker, and Killerwatt were easily defeated by Carnage.


Killer Watt is capable of generating and manipulating electricity. This allows him to generate electro-concussive blasts, fly and channel electricity through matter.

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