Killer-Watt's first public appearance was a bank robbery. The super-hero Spider-Girl intervened but was defeated and saved by the mysterious adventurer, Darkdevil. Killer Watt next struck at the musical concert. He had worked as a roadie for the band when an electrical accident gave him his powers. Spider-Girl was able to defeat him and he was taken into custody.[citation needed]

It's unknown precisely how Killer Watt found freedom and became a member of the Revengers, but he was a member of that team when the overtook the Avengers Mansion. However, despite their ambush of the Avengers, the Revengers were defeated with the assistance of several of the Avengers' allies.[citation needed]

Shortly after he was recruited into Funny Face's villainous Savage Six, claiming he was only in the group for the 'rush'. Battling Spider-Girl once more, Killerwatt nearly succeeded in defeating her, unknowingly causing her to temporarily lose her super powers with his last electrical shock.[citation needed]

Later seen working for the Red Queen's Revengers team along side new member Magneta, Killerwatt once again encountered Spider-Girl, this time among the Avengers ranks. Killerwatt joined Sabreclaw in temporarily worked alongside earth's heroes during Galactus' final attack on the planet.[citation needed]

Killerwatt joined the Redeemer program run by Agent Weadon, performing covert operations in exchange for his eventual pardon. Assigned to a SHIELD transport mission to protect 'Specimen 297', Killerwatt is prevented from completing his task when Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine- working to undermine the operation- leaves him trapped in the sewer briefly. Soon after, Killerwatt (along with the rest of Weadon's team) are temporarily reassigned under Maria Hill's command and sent to bring in Spider-Girl for her involvement in the release of 'Specimen 297'. Finding themselves in a three-way battle with Carnage and Spider-Girl, Mr. Abnormal, Earthshaker, and Killerwatt were easily defeated by Carnage.[citation needed]

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Killer Watt is capable of generating and manipulating electricity. This allows him to generate electro-concussive blasts, fly and channel electricity through matter.

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