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The Killiseum, located in the outskirts of Doomstadt, is a massive structure dedicated for the entertainment of Battleworld's masses through gladiatorial fights, the Ghost Races and other deadly games.[1]

One of its champions, Thunderbolt Ross, a.k.a. War Machine, seemingly died from his wounds after a battle against Taskmaster, who wanted him shut down and got himself throw into the arena by Arcade, the Killiseum's master, as an answer. Before dying, Ross insulted God Emperor Doom while the audience screamed out his name, which infuriated Doom.[2] Another of its champions, The Captain, along with his pet T-Rex The Devil, was sent to Doom's Castle to be judged after capturing and interrogating Arcade about his friend Bucky's whereabouts. Arcade, who escaped the incident unharmed, returned to the Killiseum.[1]

The Killiseum's circuit.

As usual at night, Arcade hosted the Ghost Races, the most popular event in the Killiseum, to all the audience of Battleworld. Its winner that night was none other than Robbie Reyes, who had won every Ghost Race in that season. While Robbie celebrated his victory with his brother Gabe in the Jekyll & Hyde Club, Arcade sent the other Spirits of Ignition to the Killiseum's dungeon to be tortured by Chief Zadkiel as their punishment for not having won the race. While resting, Arcade thought about his next arrangement: Reyes' death.[3]

The next night, although Zadkiel warned him to be careful with Robbie due to him being able to draw power from a different source than the rest of the other Ghost Racers, Arcade put his plan in motion. To destabilize Robbie emotionally, Arcade put a monster composed of his disappeared friends in the circuit, forcing him to kill them. Later, Arcade sent his killer automaton, the Venus Compiler, to finish him off, but Robbie unexpectedly managed to escape the Killiseum, thanks to his Igniter Spirit, Eli. As Zadkiel wasn't able to detect Robbie's presence, an enraged Arcade commanded him to send all the other Ghost Racers to hunt him down.[4]

Altough Robbie was able to avoid the Thors, he was found and attacked by the other Ghost Racers. Outnumbered, Robbie was almost defeated, but managed to use Carter Slade's attack against them, temporarily breaking Zadkiel's influence over them. As Robbie was the only one who couldn't be controlled, the other racers let him get away, and were punished by Zadkiel for their treachery. Upon returning to his home to take his brother and escape Doomstadt, Robbie found out he was taken to the Killiseum to race in his place.[5] Robbie teleported back to the Killiseum, and used his Penance Stare on Carter Slade to make him release the other Ghost Racers from Zadkiel's control, like he had done earlier. Together, they destroyed the Venus Compiler and killed Zadkiel, who had his soul devoured by Eli, and Arcade, who was ran over by them while they escaped the Killiseum through another portal opened by Eli. Freed, the Ghost Racers vowed to punish the wicked and corrupt with their power, and thus was born the Spirits of Vengeance.[6]

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