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Synopsis for "Chimera"

Killraven spars with his friends M'Shulla and Carmilla on a riverbank, while Old Skull and John fish in the river and Hawk complains about the fact that they've been surviving on berries and weeds. Killraven easily beats Carmilla and M'Shulla and says he is still determined to find Volcana Ash, who saved them from Mint Julep. Hawk complains that they should give up the search.

John feels a tug on his line, but it turns out to be a huge, ferocious, sharp-toothed fish that attacks them. Killraven comes to their rescue, and eventually impales it on a fishing rod, killing it. Hawk is pleased that they now have some meat, but John says he thinks the fish isn't safe to eat, as he doesn't recognise it from any of the wildlife records he saw in his Gramps' bunker. Hawk scoffs, but Killraven reminds him that John has education that they all lack - the only animals they ever saw were the ones they fought in the gladiatorial arena. As Hawk prepares to carve up the fish, Old Skull points out vestigial human legs on the fish's side, causing Hawk to lose his appetite and the others to joke at his expense. Killraven realizes the fish-man must be one of the Martians' genetic experiments. He says a Martian citadel must be nearby. John, having climbed a tree to escape the fish, says he can see it. Killraven climbs up too and sees cultivated fields and the remains of a human city - not realizing it is the remains of Washington, D.C. and the White House.

A disguised Killraven, Old Skull, and John approach the settlement and see many people walking toward it carrying crops, but looking malnourished and scared. They are nervous of Killraven's presence, as his body language is so different to theirs. Old Skull asks one villager what they doing and learns they are carrying tributes to offer to a 'demon' called Lucifer in fear of punishment. They follow the villagers to the White House remains, which John recognizes from the historical records he's seen. The peasants bow down in front of the White House and there is a burst of flame within.

A group of masked men, the 'Devil Horde', emerge and begin intimidating the peasants. When Killraven and his friends refuse to kneel, the horde confront them. Killraven says he doesn't want to fight them, but they attack and he kills a number of them. He calls a temporary truce, and Lucifer, a man in a horned helmet and cloak that obscures him, comes and asks if Killraven wants to beg for his life. When he refuses, he orders his men to attack again. John suggests to Old Skull that they fetch the rest of the Freemen, but Old Skull says there isn't time and that Killraven prefers to fight alone. Killraven kills many more of the horde, and Lucifer and his right-hand men realize Killraven's example is giving strength to the terrified villagers.

Using pyrotechnics to seem impressive, Lucifer halts the battle and offers Killraven the chance to join him. As Killraven refuses, Lucifer's right-hand man tries to sneak up and stab him in the back. Killraven defeats him. Lucifer panics and thinks Killraven is a rival warlord trying to take over his territory. Lucifer attacks Killraven himself, and Killraven disarms and unmasks him, revealing a scarred, ugly old man. The rest of the 'Devil Horde' run away, and Lucifer starts to walk off. As he does so, one of the villagers mocks him, and Lucifer hits him with his axe handle. However, the formerly scared villagers all attack, killing him thanks to superior numbers.

Killraven despairs of the Freemen ever finding peace, but Old Skull points out that Killraven has given the villagers their freedom. As an excited John tells Killraven that the villagers say Killraven is the best killer they've seen, Killraven realizes he cannot give John the world the Martians took away, and tells Old Skull to begin training him in the Spartan way.

One of the villagers leads Killraven, Carmilla, and M'Shulla to the Martian facility nearby, which is located, unusually for the Martians, in a cave. The three Freemen enter, and Killraven tries to persuade the others to stay behind, but they refuse, saying they're in it together. As they talk, they are attacked by Cerberus, a creature made up of a myriad of different animal and human parts. The Freemen try to fight back, but are knocked unconscious...

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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