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Synopsis for "M'Shulla"

Continued from last issue... Killraven remembers when he first befriended M'Shulla. The two faced each other in a death match in the gladiatorial arena, and M'Shulla had one arm injured. Killraven encouraged M'Shulla to pretend to be dead to live to fight another day, even though Killraven would also be punished. As Killraven walked out of the arena, Keeper Whitman realized what he had done. Killraven dared Whitman to pick up a sword and fight him, but Whitman had two of his Sirens, Amber and Sinnamon, mentally hold Killraven in place, and Whitman repeatedly shocked him.

Killraven regains consciousness in the present to find himself bound up, his friends M'Shulla and Volcana Ash under the mental control of Grok, and Grok gloating over Killraven's predicament. Grok reveals he has the power to control lesser minds thanks to his body's neural configuration, and that that was why the Martians who created his body locked him away. Grok reveals it was he who planted the idea in Carmilla's mind to free him and the other creatures from the Martian facility so Grok could deliver Killraven to the Prime Consensus.

When Killraven asks about Hawk, Grok reveals that Hawk was even easier to control thanks to his bitterness, jealousy and insecurity. Grok used Hawk to distract Killraven while the Keeper's men came to capture them, and Grok neutralized Killraven's gladiatorial weaponry. Killraven realizes that Grok is unable to control his mind due to his own mental abilities.

One of the Prime Consensus' speaker-slaves starts to converse with Grok for his masters, but Grok is incensed that he is not allowed to speak to them directly. Despite his genetically reconstructed form, he argues he has the pure intellect of the Martians. The Martians' Prime Consensus says it does not want contact with a mind that will corrupt it. Angered, Grok has Volcana attack the Keepers' men with her pyrokinetic powers, while Killraven urges Volcana and M'Shulla to break Grok's control over them. Grok knocks the speaker-slave out of the way and has Volcana focus her power on the glass wall the Martians are behind, and orders M'Shulla to slay Killraven. The glass cracks and the water behind it pours out. Grok passes through it and lets go of Volcana and M'Shulla's minds, now that he no longer needs them. Killraven tells his friends he is going after Grok to get revenge for using him to execute Hawk. Volcana pleads with Killraven not to go, but he says he must, and immobilizes her by pushing a nerve cluster on her neck. He tells M'Shulla to take Volcana outside and if he's not back in an hour, to leave without him.

Inside the Martians' chamber, Grok is slaying the speaker-slaves one by one to force the three watching Martians to converse with him directly, but through a speaker-slave they tell him he is only confirming their decision that his mind would pollute them. Grok is interrupted when Killraven throws a throwing star, hitting one of his arm tentacles. Grok is shocked that Killraven's weapons are working again, but realizes one of the speaker-slaves has telepathically activated them again. Grok tries to deactivate them, but realizes the Martians themselves are blocking him, and is shocked that Killraven isn't working under their influence, but of his own free will. Grok and Killraven fight, and although Grok is far stronger, Killraven endures and even cuts part of one of Grok's arms off. Grok decides to take the battle into his own element and drags Killraven deep into the water. They struggle, and Grok is shocked when Killraven impales him on his sword. With his dying words, Grok asks if he is one of the Martians.

With Grok dead, Killraven asks if the watching Martians are entertained. Killraven says he has dreamed of having the Martians at his mercy, but that he has never killed anything that wasn't trying to kill him, and that he will not stoop to murder. The Martians commune with Killraven mentally, and realize that human beings are capable of much more than war - they are capable of honor, compassion, and justice. The Martians swim away to consider events further. Killraven offers the speaker-slaves their freedom, but they wish to stay, having seen the beauty of the music in the Martians' minds. Killraven and the rest of the slave population of the facility leave, and the facility breaks free of its moorings and heads off into the ocean.

By a campfire and surrounded by the freed slaves, Killraven tells his friends that each side must pursue their own destiny. When John asks if the war is over, Killraven says only one Martian faction has left the field, and that the world can never be as it was. Volcana asks what they will do next, and M'Shulla and Killraven tell her they will live for another day.

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