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Created by the Butler, using Deadpool's healing factor to fuse mutant genes from X-Men onto North Korean prisoners to be used as superweapons for North Korea.[1]

Kim helped Deadpool escape imprisonment from Butler at a camp in North Korea. In return, Deadpool, Captain America, and Wolverine helped Kim and the other victims of the Butler's experiments escape the camp and free their families, later guiding them on how to get to China.[2]

Kim started living in Japan along with his family, and later met Deadpool following the merc's marriage to receive money from him for help.[3]

However, Kim's health decayed, as well as that of the other North Korean X-Men. After learning of their condition, Deadpool convinced the X-Men to host them in the Jean Grey School.[4] Furthermore, Deadpool let Beast perform transplant of regenerative tissues to maintain Kim and his friends healthy.[5]

When some of the X-Men had their moral axis inverted during the World War Hate and became evil, they tried to kill Kim and the North Korean mutates using the Danger Room.[6] Deadpool, under his persona of Zenpool, due to the same inversion that affected the X-Men, helped Kim and the North Korean X-Men escape. Even though they were informed that the X-Men had been corrupted, the North Korean mutates stated they wouldn't trust them again even if they returned to normality.

After being left with no home, Deadpool convinced his wife Shiklah to let Kim and his friends stay in her Monster Metropolis below New York City,[7] where they could be treated for their health.[8]



Seemingly those of Kurt Wagner with Deadpool's advanced healing abilities combined.


Kim has difficulty using his powers with another. His passengers either end up in objects or not reappearing with him at all.


Kim enjoys watching Entourage

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