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Kimoyo Beads are a piece of advanced communication technology developed and used in the technologically advanced nation of Wakanda. They're are similar to the Kimoyo Card as they tap into the Vibranium of Wakanda. The technology cannot be exported as it simply can't work outside the country.


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Types of Beads

Kimoyo Beads from Black Panther Vol 6 1 0002.jpg
  • Prime Bead: The prime bead provides a lifetime worth of medical knowledge about the individual Wakandan, from birth they are given this one bead.
  • AV Bead: The audio/visual bead provides a holographic display allowing them access to the Wakandan database (which is similar to the internet). They can access video files and receive broadcasts on any frequency. The size of the projected screen can be altered from small personal use to larger for display purposes.
  • Communication Bead: Another can be used to communicate with other Kimoyo Beads much as the west use mobile telephones. If the Wakandan moves their hand in a form of sign language they are able to send text messages.
  • Beads can be added for what any situation such as; home and personal security, GEO tracking.



  • Kimoyo translates to English as "of the spirit".[1]

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