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Kindred kills Stromm at the start of his plans

Formerly a human sent to Hell, the entity known as Kindred became a demon and rapidly climbed through the ranks. Possessing an intimate familiarity with Peter Parker to the point of affectionately referring to him as "Pete," and Norman Osborn who terrified Kindred when he was human– both as Norman and the Green Goblin– and inspired his demonic form, the demon began torturing Mysterio, an enemy of Spider-Man's who had previously committed suicide, relentlessly until Beck agreed to serve him.[2] The demon resurrected Beck to serve as his agent,[3] though Beck eventually forgot about his bargain. The demon was aware of Ero's interest in testing Peter Parker and attempted to use Mysterio to persuade the Spider-Totem to ally with him, though it refused.[4]

Kindred approached a desperate Mendel Stromm and gave him a Master Mold capable of producing an army of Tri-Sentinels.[5] When Spider-Man traced a Tri-Sentinel squadron to an old hideout of the Life Foundation and found a dying Mendel Stromm, Kindred had Mendel's last utterances be "Guess my name--" before having the Tri-Sentinels iterate the same message as they crashed into the building, destroying themselves along with it. Having rewired the squadron to obey his orders, Spidey was greatly confused by this disturbing course of events since he never gave them a strike order.[6]

After killing the Kingpin's associates, Kindred then proceeded to threaten Fisk to not touch Boomerang's roommates, revealing to him that they possessed the soul of his wife Vanessa.[7]

Spider-Man's Hidden Nightmare

Kindred appearing before Mysterio's psychiatrist

During Kraven the Hunter's attempt to persuade Spider-Man to kill him, Spider-Man glimpsed visions of Mary Jane on the floor, seemingly dead while he stood by helplessly.[8] While Spider-Man fought Kraven, the demon instead watched over Mary Jane in his absence, commenting on her treating one of his centipedes with kindness.[9]

The demon also resumed tormenting Quentin Beck, manifesting during a prison therapy session that was subsequently cut short. Apologizing for his cruel treatment of Beck, the demon reminded him of their bargain before offering to let him say the demon's true name. Before Mysterio could do so, the demon sensed Peter Parker dream-scrying these events and killed Beck to avoid Spider-Man prematurely learning his identity. Addressing Peter directly, the demon asked Peter to call him "Kindred" and that he intended to torment Peter for something that he'd done.[2]

Kindred, soon after murdering Mysterio, encountered Mysterio's psychiatrist who turned out to be Dr. Ludwig Rinehart. Mysterio revealed to Kindred that he brainwashed his psychiatrist and made him pretend and dress up like him. Kindred then yelled at Beck for telling his psychiatrist his name during his brain washing. He explained that Mysterio keeps running from his purpose and then handed Mysterio a script. He was seen once again talking to Peter stating, "When we do finally stand face to face, I want it to be the right way." He was later shown in an elevated lair at a cemetery, staring at a wall with framed photos of all the spider-related superheroes, each in costume: Peter, Otto Octavius (Superior Spider-Man), Miles Morales, Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman), Cindy Moon (Silk), Ben Reilly (Scarlet Spider), Gwen Stacy (Ghost-Spider), and two unidentifiable portrait fragments that may have Kaine Parker (Scarlet Spider). He remarked that he wanted to meet "through friends" and that he would see him soon.[10]

Kindred visiting 'Norman'

No sooner had Kindred left Mysterio alone than he came across the cell of Peter's greatest enemy, Norman Osborn, believing himself to be the serial killer Cletus Kasady. The demon, knowing Osborn could not hear him, reminisced on how he was being tempted to kill the madman here and now, but he was content to let Osborn rot as a mental wreck of what he once was.[11] Despite wanting to kill Osborn revenge– blaming him for his transformation into a demon– Kindred instead inserted a centipede into his brain to prevent him from killing Spider-Man, saying he would have his revenge when Osborn was himself again. As Kindred left, Osborn's Cletus Kasady persona called out to him to deliver a message from Norman Osborn's dormant psyche– mocking Kindred for assuming that he regretted anything and saying that he had figured out who Kindred was and was proud to see the human-turned-demon reduced to a vengeful monster as a result of his actions. After Osborn was bonded to the "Carnage" symbiote and transformed into Carnage, Kindred stopped him from killing Spider-Man using the implanted centipede, allowing Spider-Man to get a second wind and defeat him.[12]

Fruition of Plans

The Sin-Eater alive once more

Still bothered by Norman Osborn having claimed to know his true identity, Kindred started his next plot against Spider-Man that involved him reviving Sin-Eater,[13] after saving him from his victims' punishment.[14] Sin-Eater then proceeded to go after Overdrive,[15] the Lethal Legion,[16] and Norman Osborn.[17] After Sin-Eater killed Norman and absorbed his sins, Kindred mocked Stanley for being a hypocrite and caused him to explode into a vortex of demonic energy.

This congealed demonic power was plentiful enough that he used it to seize full control of Ghost-Spider, Spider-Girl, Miles Morales, Silk, Spider-Woman, and Madame Web. Attacking Peter through their bodies, Kindred used the Order of the Web to torture Peter before piloting them elsewhere. As Peter recovered by Doctor Strange, Kindred used Silk to attack but was bemused at Strange's identifying him as Sin-Eater, then coercing Peter admit the truth to Strange. As Peter pleaded for mercy on the Spiders, Kindred withdrew his possessed Silk wanting an in person meeting later on. Traveling to the cemetery where Gwen Stacy and her father were buried, Kindred exhumed their corpses and arranged them at a table to wait for Spider-Man to arrive. Meanwhile, a reborn, cleansed Norman claimed to Dr. Ashley Kafka that Kindred was his son Harry Osborn. When Spider-Man finally confronted Kindred, he was shocked that he not only exhumed the bodies of the Stacys and sat them around a table, he also did the same thing to the corpses of Uncle Ben, Flash Thompson, Ned Leeds, Jean DeWolff, J. Jonah Jameson Sr., and Marla Jameson.[18][19]

Identity revealed.

Upon meeting Peter at last, Kindred's taunts enraged him to attack, with the demon's power overwhelming Peter's strength from the extensive fatigue he inflicted on the Spider-Man. Kindred then had Peter beaten relentlessly, before showing him the carnage of his friends attacking New York and its citizens. This was Kindred's last thread, as Peter burst into tears, begging he die in exchange for their freedom from the possession. Finally getting what he wanted, Kindred accepted the offer and freed the spiders, then as Peter was happy at the action, Kindred took the opportunity to hold Peter by his centipedes and snap his neck completely around. Kindred's words to the dying Peter was that they'd face the truth together.[20]

While he trapped Peter to relive his first day after his deal with Mephisto, Kindred went to see Normie Osborn. He then brought Peter back to life, reminiscing on what Peter said to him during his party. While Peter didn't want to accept it, Kindred revealed his identity to be Harry Osborn.[21]

Kindred is amicable but ruthless, torturing Quentin Beck into near-insanity and brutally killing him after giving him permission to say his true name, though he lamented having to do so in order to keep his identity secret.[2] Kindred is fixated on obtaining revenge on Peter Parker for unspecified reasons, though he is also strangely affectionate towards him referring to him as "Pete" and watching over Mary Jane while Peter was fighting Kraven the Hunter.[9] He also has a vendetta against Norman Osborn, who made Peter's life a living Hell,[11] and who he claims is responsible for his transformation into a demon.[12]


Demon Physiology: Formerly a human,[2] Kindred has become a demon primarily associated with centipedes, which he can spawn at will along with other pestilence.[9]

  • Resurrection: Kindred can resurrect people, as he did with Mysterio and Sin-Eater.[3][13]
  • Entomancy: Kindred can remotely control bugs and pests, such as when he sent a centipede to enter the head of Norman Osborn while at Ravencroft.[12] In other instances, centipedes are used as 'bugs' (fly-on-the-wall monitor or surveillance tool).[9]
  • Dream Projection: Kindred is able to manipulate the dreams of people, making them dream about events that were happening while they were sleeping, and directly talk to them through their dreams.[22]
  • Teleportation: Kindred is seemingly able to teleport or project his presence wherever he wishes.[23]
  • Possession: Kindred is able to take possession of individuals.[24]
  • Empowerment: Kindred greatly empowered the Sin-Eater for his quest.[25]


  • Demonic Awareness: By way of his servants and those under his gaze, such as Mysterio and Peter Parker, Kindred is able keep tabs on their actions. One such instance was when Mysterio told Kindred's name to a therapist.[24][2]
  • Master manipulator: Shown to patiently be wearing down Spider-Man's psyche during events with Kraven's hunt, Mary Jane's career return, and Sin-Eater's campaign.[9][10][26]

Strength level

  • Physical Strength: Capable of ripping steel doors off walls and killing mortals in seconds.[2]


Two demonic centipedes, each the length of his person.[10] These massive arthropods are capable of such feats as uprooting gravestones and unearthing caskets with ease.[24]


Kindred summons pestilence, such as centipedes, rats, worms, roaches, and other small critters to demolish people,[7] structures, and foundations.[23] These can spawn from anywhere, including from the inside of a person's body.[2] He also uses the two large centipedes that cling to him like tentacle extensions of his body, such as for opening doors, caressing surfaces, or for bludgeoning heads.[10]

  • Kindred's preparation to fight Spider-Man was compared to pro wrestler Ric Flair using his "Black Scorpion" persona to ruin the career of his rival, the Sting.[27]

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