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King's Crossing, Vermont is a town near the farm where Mister Fantastic relocated three captive Skrulls who were hypnotized into believing they were cows and left them to graze.[1]

Prior to their deaths, the three (as cows) became mixed in with a King's Crossing farmer's milking herd, and were milked as dairy cows. Their "milk", which was part of them shape-shifted into milk, caused the people of the town to partially mutate, gaining the Skrulls' shape-shifting abilities and warlike tendencies known as Skrullovoria Induced Skrullophobia. Those who drank the "milk" forced others to drink it until the entire town was affected.

Skrull Cows (Earth-616) from Skrull Kill Krew Vol 1 2 004.jpg

Eventually, Sharon Selleck, a friend of the Fantastic Four was captured there when her car broke down. She had a milk allergy, and was able to resist the effects of the "milk", sneaking out of town to call for help. By the time the Fantastic Four arrived to help her, the town had become a super-efficient farming community, erecting massive manufacturing plants to produce more "milk", and using it to water their local crops. Luckily, before arriving, Mr. Fantastic had recognized the location as where the cow Skrulls had been sent to, and had devised an antidote to the Skrull infection. The entire town was cured and the crops burned. The only lasting effect of the milk was that everyone was in much better health and had not aged in six years.[2]

After the Skrulls were slaughtered, the meat of their bodies was mixed with the rest of the cows and was sold as hamburger to local food chains. Many people ate the tainted meat, causing some to die and some to become infected by a similar effect as the "milk" their bodies previously produced. Those who became infected received shape-shifting abilities and bad tempers as well as a terminal disease. They banded together and set out to kill as many Skrulls, (the cause of their imminent painful deaths) as they could before they died as the Skrull Kill Krew.[3]




The name and location of the town where the Fantastic Four deposited the captured Skrulls was not specified until the events of Fantastic Four Annual #17.

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