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With the Tablet of Death and Entropy[1] and with Kindred imprisoned,[2] Fisk tasked New York's crime lords with a bounty on Boomerang for possession of the Lifeline Tablet. During this time, Peter Parker got a new job, earning a new suit which enhanced his strength and speed. Under this new employ, Spider-Man live-streamed his crime-fighting to the digital platform TNM, which helped his public image.[3] Meanwhile, Robbie and Tombstone learned of Randy and Janice's romance, to which the two fathers formed an unlikely alliance to protect their children.[4]

As the Tablet hunt reached its climax, the betrayal of Boomerang for the last fragment struck Spider-Man hard, revealing the friendship with Peter Parker was just a long con. With the Tablets together, Fisk readied the power of a one-time flawless resurrection to revive his wife, Vanessa. But after coming to an epiphany, Fisk instead brought an unexpected surprise to the New York underworld - the revival of his son: Richard Fisk, The Rose.[5]


  • Part of this story arc is meant to be a B-Plot with Robbie Robertson & Tombstone coming to blows with what happens to their children.


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