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King's Ransom

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King's Ransom
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Fisk has the crime lords of New York hunt Spider-Man for his half of the Tablet


Now in possession of the Tablet of Death and Entropy and holding Kindred imprisoned, Fisk hires Mister Negative and other New York crime lords in a bounty hunt for Spider-Man and Boomerang for their possession of the Tablet's sister half. In doing so, Fisk will have the power to perform a one time flawless resurrection for his wife Vanessa, who's soul is in Kindred's demonic possession, and free her from his damnable clutches.

Meanwhile, Peter Parker gets a new job which also allows him to get a new suit fit for dealing with Fisk's sanctioned gang war. Peter must adapt quickly as Spider-Man to stop whatever plans Fisk has rolling, not just to save New York, but for something more personal.



Main Event


Tablet of Death & Entropy, Tablet of Life & Destiny

Part of this story arc is meant to be a B-Plot with Robbie Robertson & Tombsone coming to blows with what happens to their children.

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