King Crocodile was a massive crocodile indigenous to the jungles of Brazil. By around 1954 the outside world learned of King Crocodile's existed. Famous zoologist Dr. Carle and his daughter Sherry went on an expedition to find King Crocodile. They hired a jungle guide named Jonah, who had no intention in capturing the beast for study, but instead wanted to kill it for sport. When Carle and Jonah argued over the issue, Jonah shot Dr. Carle and left Sherry to fend for herself in the jungle.

Incidentally, Shelly was the first person to locate King Crocodile and she found that the beast was actually quite friendly to human beings and she quickly befriended the beast and tried her best to keep it safe. However, Jonah continued to hunt it until he was confronted by the Sub-Mariner and his companion Betty Dean who held Jonah off long enough for King Crocodile to eat him.

Discovering Sherry and learning what happened, the Sub-Mariner and Betty Dean helped Sherry arrange to have King Crocodile brought to a reptile sanctuary in Florida so that he would be safe from other hunters.[1]

King Crocodile's current status and fate is unknown.

Like many giant beasts in the Earth-616 universe, it is possible that King Crocodile is yet another creature that was experimented on by the Deviants. However, this remains to be substantiated.

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