The man known as King Leer was owner of the Crown Colony Club, a fashionable restaurant that operated during the 1940s. In 1947 he allowed the Gaylord Jewellery Company to send their employee Sylvia Thorp there to show off a $22,000 diamond necklace as an advertising gimmick. Greedily, Leer intended to steal the necklace and orchestrated a plan to do so: When Sylvia had arrived, Leer had one of his waiters spill soup on her and allowed Sylvia to go back to clean up. A "helpful" cigarette girl then removed the necklace while Sylvia was cleaning up and switched it with a phony. Sylvia did not notice, but her employer did and threatened to have her arrested if she did not recover the necklace or cover its cost within three days. When Sylvia attempted to return to the club, King Leer had her barred from entering.

She eventually got the aid of Captain America and Bucky who all sneaked in the back way and searched for the necklace in Leer's office. Leer and his men caught them and a fight broke out. Leer forced Captain America and Bucky to stand down when he held Sylvia at gun point. To amuse himself, Leer then forced Captain America to battle Leer's bouncer, a massive brute named Angel. Captain America however bested Angel in a fight, and another brawl broke out. Leer attempted to kill Captain America with an axe, but was tripped up sending the axe flying and smashing a cigarette girl's tray, revealing the stolen necklace inside. Leer, and all staff members involved were turned over to the police and the stolen necklace returned.[1]

King Leer's subsequent activities are unknown.


King Leer had a pistol. His club was filled with medieval weapons such as swords and axes.

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