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The King in Black, also known as the Onyx King, is the correlative counterpart of the Beyonders, appointed by the Celestials to help maintain the Multiverse. While the Kings in White maintain the Multiverse from Beyond with the light of Concordance, the King in Black is charged with maintaining it from within using the power of Living Abyss. The King in Black is connected to the realm of the Un-Beyond.[1]

The initial King in Black of the current reality was the void-god Knull, who was chosen by the Celestials at the dawn of the Seventh Cosmos; however, Knull rejected his duty and sought to end existence instead,[1] creating the symbiotes and their Hive-Mind.[2] Knull was ultimately destroyed by Eddie Brock, which transferred the rank and power to him.[3]

Unmoored in time after the death of his physical body,[4] as Onyx Kings are not linear like their Ivory King counterparts, Eddie's codex split into numerous offshoots, including the villainous Meridius and the rage-fueled Bedlam, as it travelled back and forth through time before ultimately converging into a singularity called the Eventuality. As the Eventuality, Eddie became a proper King in Black and lived in the true home of the Kings in Black: the Un-Beyond.[1]

The Kings in Black are somewhat tied to the multiversal cycles. After the Multiverse ends and existence returns to nothingness, a King in Black is renewed by the cosmic void. Then, in the next iteration of the Multiverse, a new King in Black is chosen to replace the old one.[1]