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Quote1.png Mary Jane isn't here, little Spider. Only Knull. And as his willing disciple, we think we need a new name. The name of Our Lord's most favored child. You can call me Carnage!!! Quote2.png
Carnage (Mary Jane Watson)

Appearing in "Part One"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Gwen's roomates (Taken over by symbiotes and controlled by Knull)
    • Carrie (First appearance)
    • Unnamed others (First appearance)


Other Characters:

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "Part One"

Sometime after her arrival on Earth-616, Ghost-Spider races through the city - which is now under attack by a horde of Symbiotes. As she notes that she needs to be careful as they don't set off her spider-sense, she hears a scream and rushes to find a civilian in the process of being taken over by a symbiote. She hits him with a webline and tries to pull him free, but it completely engulfs him and spreads up her web-line, which snaps just before it can touch her. Her own artificial symbiote partially transformed into its Venomized form, Ghost-Spider is shocked that the Earth-616 symbiote was powerful enough to break her webbing. Before she can fully process what's happening, the symbiote coccoon forms into a humanoid monster with spiked pauldrons and a red dragon emblem on its chest and back.

Escaping before the monster can attack her, Gwen makes her way back to her dorm, noting the adverse effect being in close proximity to the monster had on her own symbiote. Thinking to herself that she needs to find Spider-Man and formulate a plan, she announces her return to her roommates - who she vows to protect. One of her roommates complains that she's late, Gwen protesting that she was trying to find a way out of the city before the power gets cut off, wondering how they could've been the only ones in that wing to miss the evacuation order. Gwen informs them that the situation is bad and getting worse - peering out a boarded-up window at the chaos outside and not noticing a nearby symbiote dragon spotting her do so. As she thinks to herself that the Avengers will handle it, one of her roommates derogatorily wonders how bad it could be. As Gwen scolds her for jinxing things, the symbiote dragon rips through the wall of their dorm. Transforming into Ghost-Spider, Gwen snags her roommates and pulls them to the opposite side of the room. Recognizing that it's made of the same living darkness that had turned the civilian into a monster and worried about what would happen if she touched it, Ghost-Spider tries to get the symbiote dragon's attention. Warning her roommates not to let it touch them, Ghost-Spider races out into the hall-way, not noticing the symbiote-dragon infecting her roommates with its living abyss before chasing after her. Smashing the symbiote-dragon in the face with a couple of vending machines, Ghost-Spider returns to her dorm to see she was unable to protect them. As she laments this, the symbiote dragon returns and her roommates burst from their cocoons transformed into monsters. Escaping pursued by the symbiote dragon, Gwen wraps her feet in webbing and lands on its back, lassoing it with webbing and steering it into the side of a building.

In free-fall, Ghost-Spider contemplates going to Peter Parker of Miles Morales to see if they can tell her what's going on, before deciding to bite the bullet and return to Earth-65 despite the Storm twins' threats to her friends and family. Pulling out the Ticket to the Multiverse, Ghost-Spider activates it and immediately realizes that something is horribly wrong.

In an abandoned barn on Earth-65, the Jackal stands over the restrained Mary Jane Watson, monologuing his master plan to get Gwen to return to her home universe by bonding MJ to a sample of Gwen's artificial symbiote. As the "gummy spiders" bond to her, MJ screams for Gwen to help her... and then abruptly disappears, leaving the Jackal surprised and disappointed.

On Earth-616, MJ bursts from Gwen's symbiote, leaving her shocked and confused. Catching her friend, Gwen absorbs the portion of her symbiote bonded to MJ - who demands to know what's going on. Before Gwen can respond, they crash-land into a pool of living abyss, which immediately latches onto MJ and cocoons her. Seeing through MJ's eyes, the dark god Knull - creator of the symbiotes of Earth-616 - is intrigued by Gwen's artificial symbiote and commands his new thrall to capture it for him. As Ghost-Spider - now fully Venomized - watches in horror, MJ emerges from the symbiote-cocoon covered in a red-and-black symbiote. Speaking through her, Knull introduces himself and dubs MJ Carnage in honor of his most-loyal disciple.

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Bonded to a synthetic symbiote from another reality, GHOST-SPIDER, aka Gwen Stacy of Earth-65, is unique among the webslingers of the multiverse!

But when KNULL descends on her adopted home, his gravity well of dark psychic energy will reap unforeseen consequences not only on Gwen, but on her symbiotic suit as well!

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