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Synopsis for "Black Christmas / ...and to all a Good Night."

On the night before Christmas, chaos reigns in New York as symbiote dragons soar through the air and much of the city is infested by symbiotes. Not wanting to let the threat of Earth's annihilation stand in the way of celebration, a man carries an armful of groceries and presents home. A present falls to the ground, and as the man reaches down to pick it up a shadow falls across him. Looking up, the man sees the now-emaciated form of the Savage Hulk staring down at him with a melancholy expression. As the Hulk reaches towards him, the man panics and flees into a nearby alley. Dejected, the Hulk glances down at the ground and spots the dropped present, his sorrow immediately replaced with childlike glee. As he reaches down to pick up the present, a symbiote emerges from the alley with the man's bubble jacket clenched in its fangs and his hat in one of its hands. As the Hulk stares at it in confusion, the symbiote spots him and lunges - attempting to claim him as its host. Recoiling, the Hulk rips a street lamp free and swats the symbiote away as it latches onto his arm. Flowing up the street lamp, the symbiote begins spreading along the Hulk's arm; and as it engulfs him he desperately reaches out and grabs the exposed electrical wires. As the symbiote is seared off him, the Hulk grabs its head and crushes it - leaving a seemingly inert pool of liquid darkness. Spotting the present lying on the ground, the Hulk gleefully scoops it up and opens it to find a hairdryer. As he examines it in disappointment, a pair of police cars arrive and the officers aim their guns at the Hulk. The Hulk protests his innocence and points to where the symbiote was, only to see it's vanished. The officers open fire and the Hulk flees - leaping several city blocks. As the officers glance uncertainly at each other, the symbiote reaches tendrils towards them from under one of the cruisers.

Landing in front of the Mantlos department store, the Hulk gazes enraptured through the window at the array of toys... but as he spots a Mechanix construction set he is reminded of Bruce being brutalized by his father, Brian Banner. The Hulk smashes the storefront in a fit of rage, immediately regretting this and letting Joe Fixit take the wheel. Returning to human form, Joe stands up just as a police car approaches... but rather than police officers exiting the vehicle a grotesque monster - the symbiote having bonded to the two cops simultaneously - disembarks. Scowling as he fails to transform back into the Savage Hulk, Joe flees into the store - cutting his feet on broken glass. The symbiote follows the trail of bloody footprints through the store. Watching it prowl from a hiding place, Joe cranks up the volume of the PA system and the symbiote is blasted off the two cops - who have been consumed down to their bones. As it tries to reform, Joe uses a barbecue lighter and spray can to create a makeshift flamethrower, immolating it. Checking a display case with a directory, Joe walks to a children's toy store and lets the Savage Hulk take over to play with the toys.

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The Hulk is in a bad place. Half of his alters are dead or missing — including Bruce Banner — and the Leader’s got the rest of him on the ropes. But never let it be said that Joe Fixit doesn’t know how to have a good time — and he’s out to make sure this is the best holiday the Hulk’s ever had. He just has to fight his way through a planet of symbiotes first.

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