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Quote1.png ⚞SIGH⚟ Honestly, how hard is it to kill one man? Quote2.png
-- Knull

Appearing in "Chapter Two: Fall"

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Synopsis for "Chapter Two: Fall"

Brief Synopsis

Stripped of the Venom symbiote, Eddie Brock plunges into the hood of a car and is left severily injured. Spider-Man rushes to his aid and tries to get him up when he is confronted by heroes who have been taken over by symbiotes possessed by Knull. The Human Torch helps Spider-Man, creating a nova blast to stall the Knullified heroes so that Spider-Man can take Eddie to 4 Yancy Street, where Eddie is connected to life support but remains close to dying.

Spider-Man gets to Eddie's son Dylan in the bunker at Sims Tower and takes him to 4 Yancy Street, where the heroes are planning their next move. Namor arrives to offer his help. In order to save Eddie's life, since he is the only one who can break into Knull's hive, Iron Man sets out to get him a symbiote to attach to. Iron Man also sends Namor to recruit the help of the Black Tide in the Mariana Trench and Blade to Chernonyl to enlist Dracula's forces. Iron Man also contacts Mayor Wilson Fisk, who arrives at the Bar with No Name to recruit super villains into the fight against Knull. Iron Man flies into one of the symbiote dragons and uses Extremis to rewrite its body and sever it from the Hive. He returns to 4 Yancy Street with his armor infused with symbiote matter, and attaches the symbiote to the comatose Eddie. However, the symbiote appears to still be connected to the Hive and attacks Eddie. Dylan uses his powers to atomize the symbiote, but as a result of the symbiote's attack, Eddie is left without a pulse.

Detailed Synopsis

Hitting the hood of a car hard enough to crumple it, Eddie Brock is left a mangled and bloody mess. Horrified, Spider-Man rushes to him protesting that he tried to catch him but there were too many symbiote dragons. Stammering that he doesn't know what to do if Eddie's dead, Spider-Man desperately calls out for anyone to come and help. Regaining consciousness, Eddie weakly tells Peter to look after Dylan for him. Atop the Empire State Building, Knull lets out an annoyed sigh and wonders how one human could be so hard to kill. On the ground below, Spider-Man gingerly tries to extricate Eddie's broken body from the wrecked car, stating that they need to fall back as Knull has killed everyone else. His Spider-Sense goes off and Spider-Man ducks just in time to evade a beam of energy, turning to see Storm, Cyclops, the Hulk (Jen Walters), the Thing, Captain America, and Ms. Marvel have been taken over by symbiotes and are now encased in armor resembling Knull's. Grabbing Eddie, Spider-Man prepares to flee only to see the Human Torch flying towards them. Johnny tells Spider-Man to get Eddie to the Fantastic Four's lab while he holds off the symbiote-possessed heroes. Spider-Man informs him that fire doesn't work against these symbiotes, Johnny quipping that just means he won't kill any of their friends using his Nova Blast. When Spider-Man protests that Johnny will be knocked out and taken over, the Human Torch solemnly stating that he knows this before telling Spider-Man to let everyone know he went down saying something cool and heroic. As Johnny sets off a massive explosion, Spider-Man swings away with Eddie's webbed-up body.

Later, at 4 Yancy Street, Spider-Man begs Valkyrie to tell him she can use her divine powers to heal Eddie - who is comatose and being hooked up to life-support equipment by Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman. Valkyrie grimly tells Spider-Man the best she can do is see how close a person is to death and that if he wants to save his former rival he needs to hurry. As Spider-Man asks her to do what she can, Valkyrie tells him she needs to go take the Sentry's soul to Valhalla, Spider-Man sadly remarking that he has other business to attend to as well.

At Ezekiel Sims' bunker, Dylan Brock is playing a first-person shooter video-game, a numb expression on his face. As Spider-Man enters, Dylan bluntly asks if Eddie is dead. Spider-Man says that Eddie was still alive when he left but that Dylan needs to pack in a hurry. Arriving at the Fantastic Four's base, Dylan is horrified to see his father's condition, Spider-Man admonishing him for swearing but nonetheless concurring. Inside, the Black Panther confers with Valkyrie and Mister Fantastic; while Blade argues with Professor X and Magneto over their decision to withdraw to Krakoa and cease providing aid to the global effort to combat Knull's invasion. As Magneto launches into a furious tirade, Spider-Man interrupts asking for an update on Eddie's condition. Reed remarks that Eddie's condition is unchanged but that the fate of the world is at stake, the Black Panther putting the resources of Wakanda at their disposal and asking if anyone remembers what they did with the Infinity Stones, Cosmic Cube, and Ultimate Nullifier. Blade incredulously asks why T'Challa thinks they'd need reality-warping objects when Knull is just one person, Valkyrie bluntly stating that Knull is an abyssal elder god who predates their universe and has effortlessly killed some of the most-powerful beings in the cosmos. King Namor enters the room, sneering at Knull calling himself a king, and Blade irritably asks who invited him. Mister Fantastic scowls at his wife, who retorts that she called Namor in because they need all the help they can get. Slamming the butt of his trident against the floor to get everyone's attention, Namor disdainfully remarks that his people have been fighting in the dark for millions of years and that the people of the surface have just started but are already losing. Declaring his intent to fight Knull for dominion of the Earth, Namor volunteers the armies of Atlantis before snidely asking if anyone has a feasible plan. Iron Man - sitting next to Eddie's comatose body - replies that he does, but that nobody's going to like it. Standing, Iron Man states they need Eddie alive because he's the only one who knows how to tap into the symbiote hive-mind and potentially shut Knull down from the inside; and the only thing that can save Eddie now is a symbiote - and not just any symbiote, but one of the dragons. As Iron Man volunteers to risk his life to get one, Spider-Man asks why they need a symbiote dragon when Dylan's "cat" is a symbiote in disguise. Dylan replies that the symbiote-dragons are magnitudes more powerful than their lesser brethren, reminding him of the chaos Cletus Kasady wrought when bonded to a piece of one. Iron Man continues, saying that he has also has a number of contingency plans.

Diving to the depths of the Mariana Trench, Namor meets with the Black Tide - a squad of elite Atlantean warriors exiled decades prior after having been corrupted by an ancient dark artifact; though he voices misgivings as they are unlikely to willingly return to their exile. Iron Man concurs and offers to help Namor vanquish them if needed, but states they need warriors who can fight in the dark. Dispatched to Chernobyl, Blade fights his way through a swath of vampires and demands an audience with Count Dracula, informing him of a rival dark lord come to conquer the Earth. Finally, Iron Man contacts Mayor Wilson Fisk and tells him to use his mob connections to recruit New York's supervillains - the Kingpin personally paying a visit to the Bar with No Name.

In-flight over the city, Iron Man flies into the maw of one of the symbiote dragons and injects it with Extremis as it attempts to swallow him. The symbiote dragon infects Iron Man with its living abyss, attempting to corrupt him faster than the Extremis can sever its connection to the Hive. As Knull's spiral manifests on his forehead, Tony screams that he can hear the symbiote dragon screaming in agony inside his head, his signal going dark.

In the Fantastic Four's lab, Dylan sits next to his hospital bed, attempting to rouse his comatose father. As Spider-Man assures him there's nothing he could have done, Dylan starts to inform them that he has powers before the door opens and Iron Man - his armor corrupted by living abyss - enters and jubilantly states he succeeded but they need to act quickly before Knull undoes his reprogramming. As Iron Man pours the symbiote onto Eddie's body, saying he could use a win, Dylan senses that the reprogramming failed and tries to stop him. The symbiote attacks Eddie, Iron Man reacting in horror as Mister Fantastic and Spider-Man struggle to tear it off. Furious, Dylan blasts the symbiote off Eddie, spattering Reed with gobs of molten darkness. Jubilant, Reed states that Dylan's powers could prove key to saving their friends and defeating Knull. Hearing a sustained electronic tone, Dylan asks what the sound is and Spider-Man solemnly attempts to get Reed's attention. Sue tells her oblivious husband to shut up before pointing to Eddie's EKG, which has flatlined: Eddie Brock is dead.

Appearing in "Venom Vol 4 #32 Preview"

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Synopsis for "Venom Vol 4 #32 Preview"

Slamming into the hood of the car, Eddie Brock's consciousness is ejected from his body. Noting that he's fallen many times in his life but always found a way to claw himself back into the light, Eddie finds himself in an endless void looking up at the fading image of his broken and mangled physical body. Eddie screams, desperately trying to rouse himself, but his dying body fails to respond.

As he descends deeper into the abyss, he recognizes it as a place he's been many times before: the dark ocean of the symbiote hive-mind. However, he notes that this time feels different from when Knull seized control of the Venom symbiote and the Dark Carnage symbiote bonded to him, as while he previously had his symbiote and Dylan there to pull him out of the void, this time he has nothing. Closing his eyes, Eddie gives in to despair... only for tendrils of living abyss to touch his face and the voice of the Tyrannosaurus symbiote to call his name.

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