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Quote1 Everyone will burn... and you will watch. You know the pain of All-Black, don't you? Well... now you've had the honor of being killed by its creator. Quote2

Appearing in "Chapter Three: Thunder"

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Synopsis for "Chapter Three: Thunder"

Brief Synopsis[]

An entity flies through the trail of Knull's warpath, sensing the destruction in his path. On Earth, V mourns the death of his father Eddie. The Invisible Woman and Blade are fighting alongside vampires against Knull's forces. At 4 Yancy Street, Mister Fantastic reveals that he has recovered a drive given to Eddie by Wraith, and observes that Dylan's power comes from something otherworldly with a familiar energy signature. Turning to the different heroes pushing against Knull through a video call, Richards explains that Spider-Man and Wolverine will escort Dylan outside to use him to repel Knull's influence from their allies.

Once they take action, Dylan manages to free Captain America, which draws Knull's attention from atop the Empire State Building. When he tries to grab Dylan with a symbiotic hand, he's intercepted by Thor. Together, Dylan and Thor fight against the symbiotes and keep freeing their allies, prompting Knull to confront them directly. When overpowered by Thor, Knull awakens his three symbiote-controlled Celestials. Thor is distracted, and Knull impales him from behind with a Necrosword. Iron Man rides his Extremis-infected symbiote dragon into one of the Celestials, and uses it to take control of it and use it against one of the other Celestials. As Knull tries to claim Dylan, the looming entity reveals in his monologue the existence of a God of Light opposite of Knull, but it can't break through the villain's symbiotic dome. Thor commands his ravens, Hugin and Munin to find the entity, and as he rushes towards the Earth, he is revealed to be the Silver Surfer.

Detailed Synopsis[]

Flying through the ruins of the planets destroyed by Knull's warpath, the Silver Surfer senses that the light of the universe is dimming; but above it all he senses Dylan Brock's anguish and despair at the death of his father, Eddie Brock. In the city, Sue Storm radios her husband and tells him to act quickly, as Blade and the Vampire Nation can't hold back Knull's symbiote-augmented horde forever. At the Fantastic Four's base, Mister Fantastic finishes decrypting the drive that Wraith gave Eddie, observing the sigil of the God of Light and noting that Dylan's powers come from it. As Reed remarks that the energy signature it emits is strangely familiar, Susan shouts for her husband to hurry up. Spider-Man tells Dylan he doesn't have to go out and fight, Reed contacting his allies and telling them to protect Dylan at all costs. As Spider-Man asks Dylan if he needs a minute, Dylan looks up - his eyes black with red spirals - and snaps that he needs to hurt something.

In the field, Spider-Man reminds his allies that most of Knull's minions are innocent civilians who've been taken over by symbiotes, Wolverine exasperatedly saying he won't use lethal force. The symbiote-controlled Captain America mockingly asks if Dylan thinks he can defeat them, throwing his shield at the boy. Catching it effortlessly, Dylan states that he's borrowing it before addressing Knull as Captain America roars and lunges at him. Holding up his hand, Dylan blasts Captain America's symbiote off him, the hero collapsing to the ground. Recoiling in pain, Knull spots Dylan on the battlefield and extends a hand of living abyss to grab him. As Captain America groggily stands and asks what's going on, Dylan struggles to hold back Knull's giant hand. Before it can grab him, a bolt of lightning strikes it - punching a hole through Knull's physical hand in the process. Snarling as he regenerates, Knull vaguely recognizes the power. Snapping that it's called lightning, Thor Odinson introduces himself to Dylan; the two of them working together to free many of the symbiote-infected civilians and heroes from Knull's control.

Furious, Knull leaps off the top of the Empire State Building and lands before them, Thor quipping that he remembers drunkenly smiting one of Knull's pet dragons. Remarking that he remembers, Knull bares his fangs and snarls that Thor has never faced anything like him before. Unimpressed, Thor interrupts Knull listing his titles; snapping that he's going to teach Knull what it means to be a god-king as he launches himself Mjolnir-first at the dark god, who sprouts draconic wings and lunges. Evading Thor's attack, Knull grabs him by the throat and slashes him across the face with his claws before slamming him to the ground. Dylan attempts to help Thor, but Knull shoves him back and begins cocooning him in living abyss; snarling that he's going to make Dylan watch as his friends and allies succumb one-by-one to his horde, before making sure Dylan succumbs as well. Thor kicks Knull off himself, but the dark god sneers that Earth belongs to him. Thor snaps that Midgard and the other Realms are under his protection, and that he has killed hundreds of would-be avatars of death and gods of primordial darkness. Shouting that he's had enough, Thor strikes Knull with his full might, ripping the dark god's lower jaw off. Shocked, Knull hisses that Earth will burn for Thor daring to injure him, reaching out a hand and activating the two remaining symbiote-possessed Celestials. Professor X telepathically warns everyone of what is occurring, Thor preparing to combat them. Before he can do so, Knull forms a new lower jaw from living abyss and manifests his Necrosword, impaling Thor from behind as he snarls that he will make the God of Thunder watch as he razes the world. As the Celestials begin laying waste to the city, Knull sneers that he can sense Thor has felt the bite of All-Black in the past, and now has the honor of being killed by its creator.

As Reed panics at the loss of Thor, Iron Man radios in saying he has a plan to deal with the Celestials but that Dylan needs to be rescued. Returning his symbiote to its dragon form, Iron Man uses it to take over one of the Celestials and attacks the other.

Leaving Thor to die, still impaled by his Necrosword, Knull walks towards Dylan and sneers that he is the only family the boy has left now, calling him his son. Mortally-wounded, Thor tells Hugin and Munin to find the one cosmic hero he knows has faced Knull and more-or-less lived. Noting that Knull's opposite, the God of Light who is the source of Dylan Brock's powers, cannot intercede so long as Earth is shrouded by Knull's dome, the Silver Surfer declares that he can as he speeds towards Earth accompanied by the cosmic ravens.

Solicit Synopsis

After the shocking finale of KING IN BLACK #2, the heroes of the Marvel Universe are reeling. Outgunned and outmanned, but never outdone, they unite and face KNULL, God of the Abyss, as he ensnares the planet in the darkness of his reign! Superstars DONNY CATES and RYAN STEGMAN continue to raise the game — and the stakes for the Marvel Universe in this Earth-shattering epic!


Continuity Notes[]

  • Bruce Banner's Hulk form is portrayed as one of Knull's corrupted heroes, but this is a continuity error as he is currently in a weakened state - as shown in King in Black: Immortal Hulk #1.

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