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Quote1.png You... my Hive. My... rebellious children... you are special. Something new. They made you to destroy me. But... as you can see... that will not come to pass. Your champions have fallen. This planet is mine. And you... you have failed. But you need not die here like the rest. You are special to me. You are... in many ways... my son. I will give you the darkness. Together we will end this war. Join me... or I will burn this world to the ground. Quote2.png
-- Knull

Appearing in "Chapter Four: Lightning"

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Synopsis for "Chapter Four: Lightning"

Brief Synopsis

Dylan Brock find himself inside a cocoon of symbiotes where he is confronted by Knull. As the god of the symbiotes tries to sway him to his side, Dylan is reached out by a telepathic voice telling the boy to tap into Knull's powers with his own and break into the Hive. When Knull extends his hand, Dylan holds onto it and uses his powers to liberate the remaining of the heroes under Knull's control. One of the freed heroes is Doctor Strange, who uses his Asgardian staff to boost his powers. The voice then orders the other heroes to follow its plan. Cyclops, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch and Doctor Strange use their powers to funnel Knull's warriors into the middle of the city. Namor then commands a tidal wave, and Thor and Storm summon a combined lightning to strike.

When Knull prepares to strike back against Dylan, the telepathic voice turns to him, revealing herself to be Marvel Girl. She probes Knull's mind to find anything that can hurt him, and when she's about to give up, she discovers the existence of an opposite of Knull, a God of Light that rose up, bonding itself with warriors against Knull. But when its army wasn't enough to beat Knull, it evolved into something that would choose a single being to bond with. The God of Light, in the form of a sphere of energy, is being kept at bay by Knull's symbiotic dome. The Silver Surfer arrives at the barrier, absorbs the sphere of energy, and uses its power to breach the dome. Once he arrives, he lets go of the God of Light, noticing he is seeking a different host. At 4 Yancy Street, analyzes the readings of the God of Light and realizes it's none other than the Enigma Force. In that instant, the Enigma Force blasts into Eddie and lifts him up the bed telling him he has been chosen.

Detailed Synopsis

Encased in a cocoon of symbiotes, Dylan Brock looks around at the snarling faces as he hears Knull's voice telling him it's time. An unfamiliar voice speaks in Dylan's mind and tells him to stay calm, Dylan shouting at it to get out of his head. Briefly confused, Knull says that he doesn't intend to hurt Dylan, who he says was made by his rebellious children to kill him. As Knull gloats that their efforts have failed and that Earth's champions have fallen, the voice asks Dylan if he can hear it and he mentally replies that he can. As Dylan asks who the voice is, it replies that it's a friend and says that it can help Dylan escape by using his powers to break into Knull's hive. As Knull claims Dylan as his son, offering to make him his heir and threatening to destroy the Earth if he refuses, Dylan tells the voice in his head to shut up and let him handle things. As Knull holds out his hand, Dylan reaches out as though to accept Knull's offer before angrily retorting that Knull killed his father. Connected directly to Knull, Dylan hacks into the Hive-Mind and frees Cyclops, the Human Torch, the Invisible Woman, and Thor.

Elsewhere in the city, Black Cat is engulfed by a symbiote as Doctor Strange struggles to avoid being taken over himself. Dylan's power blasts the symbiote off Felicia, and the telepathic voice that had been communicating with Dylan asks if he can hear it. Strange affirms that he can and asks what took the telepath so long, the telepath downloading battle-plans into Strange's mind. Reclaiming his Asgardian Staff from the Black Cat, Doctor Strange activates it and snaps that Knull isn't the only one who can play at being a god. Linking Strange, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, and Cyclops, the telepath instructs them to unleash their full power to corral the symbiotes into the centre of Manhattan. Cyclops removes his visor as the Invisible Woman charges a force-field wave, the Human Torch unleashes a Nova Blast, and Doctor Strange unleashes a blast of divine magic. Next up, Namor and the Black Tide conjure a tsunami that floods the city - Spider-Man narrowly avoiding being swept up in it - before Storm and Thor fire a pillar of divine lightning into the water.

As Knull doubles over in pain, the telepath tells Dylan to run. Knull grabs Dylan before he can escape and snarls that Dylan is sorely mistaken if he thinks he can beat him at his own game. As Knull sneers that Dylan is alone and no-one is coming to save him, the telepath interjects - revealing herself to be Marvel Girl. Forcing her way into Knull's memories, Marvel Girl searches for a weakness and is shocked and horrified to find none. Just as she gives into despair, saying Knull is too ancient and powerful to defeat, she catches a glimpse of a glowing white sigil - a sphere framed by three pairs of smaller spheres. Probing it, she realizes that while Knull may be the God of the Abyss he is not the primordial darkness itself, which existed long before Knull himself came into being; and that Knull has an opposite - a god of light who has opposed him since the beginning of the universe. The God of Light bonded to warriors - acting much like a symbiote - in an attempt to combat Knull, but initially spread itself too thin to make a difference. After an army of gods it had augmented was slaughtered, the Light decided to bond to only one entity at a time, giving them the power to oppose the darkness. Overwhelmed, Marvel Girl collapses into Cyclops' arms and stammers that the God of Light is being held at bay by the symbiote barrier Knull erected around the Earth.

Arriving in Earth's orbit with Hugin and Munin, the Silver Surfer telepathically assures Jean that he can get the God of Light through Knull's barrier, absorbing it into himself and phasing through the living abyss. As the Silver Surfer rips through dozens of symbiote dragons, Knull lets out a scream of rage and defiance. Sensing that the God of Light doesn't want him as its host, the Silver Surfer separates from it and tells it to find its chosen warrior.

At 4 Yancy Street, Mister Fantastic realizes that the God of Light is none other than the Enigma Force - aka Captain Universe. As he quips that the "Enigma Force" isn't an enigma anymore, the God of Light bonds to Eddie Brock's corpse and resurrects him, declaring that it has chosen him as its next avatar.

Appearing in "Demon Days"

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  • Unidentified reality (First appearance)

Synopsis for "Demon Days"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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