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When Wakanda was abducted into The Battleworld by Maestro, the land was plunged into a state of temporary political disarray. The tribes had only just warmed up to King T'Challa and his plan to open up Wakanda to help people before they were plunged into a whole new world. While tradition is the backbone of what makes Wakanda, the young King knew that if they were going to have to survive in this new world, they would have to accelerate their plans. Utilizing their War Dogs, agents of Wakanda were planted throughout Battleworld, researching their neighbors, making shakey alliances, and forging solid trade routes. For a time, Wakanda thrived by providing the other houses with valuable Vibranium resources.[1]

Sadly nothing lasts forever. Maestro's Gamma Horde had been intercepting more and more of their shipments for an unknown plot. After 14 years of monitoring their captor and patiently planning a counter attack, King T'Challa knew that he must act. Smuggled inside one of the Vibranium shipments, King T'Challa was able to gain access to the fortress of Maestro. It was here that a plan to wipe Wakanda from Battleworld was revealed. T'Challa managed to send out an evacuation notice before being discovered by Maestro. The King of Wakanda then challenged the God King of Battleworld to ritualistic combat. Though he provided more of a challenge than most any other mortal man, T'challa was slain trying to protect his home.[1]

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Maestro struck down his opponent, shattering both the Black Panther and the will of his people. As a show of his terrible power, Maestro accelerated his plans, the event known as The Banishment seemed to wipe much of Wakanda out of existence. It is unknown if the lost lands are teleported, destroyed, or shifted to another dimension, but they are most certainly out of the reach of the surviving people of Wakanda. All that was left was the Vibranium mound upon which the territories of Birnin Damisa, and the Necropolis were rebuilt.[1]

Those that survived slowly picked themselves up following the reluctant rise of the next heir, Queen Shuri. Though her disregard for tradition has put many on edge, it's her drive to combine the lessons of yesterday with the teachings of tomorrow that built up the Kingdom of Wakanda.[1]

After the various domains of Battleworld stole their vibranium, the Black Panthers made it their mission to retrieve all of it.[1][2][3]

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