Kingmaker is committed to conclude the deals with people all over the country, inviting them to fulfill any wishes. Thanks to his connections he could meet the wishes of the people. In exchange for that people helps Kingmaker to meet the wishes of other clients.

He made a deal with the Hellions, fulfill their wishes in exchange for what they stole a case with biological weapons. Stealing the case, they handed him over to Kingmaker, but then they changed mind and attacked him. Eventually they managed to win and pick up the case. Kevin Ford used his powers to neutralize the weapon, after that Hellions gave the case to the SHIELD agents.


Telepathic Immunity: His mind was protected from the telepaths, by one of his clients. Tag's powers had no effect on him.


  • Personal forcefield: His wristwatch can generate a force field.
  • Optic Blast: His sunglasses can generate ruby optic blasts, which look like Cyclops's blasts

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