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May, 2017March 8, 2017
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Quote1 I'm actually a freelance reporter. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about Wilson Fisk? Quote2
-- Sarah Dewey

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Synopsis for "Messes of Men"

Sarah Dewey enjoys pizza and conversation with the boxer Orlando Perez in front of his apartment. He says he has a promising fight coming up and she tells him about Fisk’s offer to write his biography. She is apprehensive about taking the job because she doesn’t trust him; he says that’s a good reason to decline it.

That night she attends a charity function sponsored by Fisk where Gavin Boyce apologizes for his comments at their last meeting. He also Fisk a thug to his face, which upsets Fisk but before anything else can happen, Tombstone and Hammerhead arrive at the event. They taunt Kingpin and Tombstone goads him into choke-slamming him, which causes a brief panic among the guests. But Fisk regains control of the situation and the two rival crime bosses leave peaceably.

Later that evening he walks Srah Dewey out and she says she still hasn’t decided about the book. The next day Sarah visits a Fisk-funded children’s hospital to interview people about him; the staff refuses to talk, but a couple whose child is hospitalized sings his praises and says the media is wrong to always paint him as a villain. She arrives home to find her ex-husband furious at her for being incommunicado, and drives off with the kids. He says he will report this to their custody judge.

Sarah visits the Kingpin and watches as Madame Masque leaves his office. She says she needs to know more about him, whether she’s writing a book about a philanthropist or a gangster. After a tense conversation he feigns offense and says their business is ended, and his associate Turk will drive her home. But she asks Turk to follow Kingpn instead, who left in a hurry to the children’s hospital. Sarah is surprised to see that Fisk has come over to comfort a family whose child just passed away. He then visits two other sick children and demonstrates such warmth and humanity that it convinces Sarah to take the job.

That night she returns to her apartment to find Daredevil there, who tells her they need to talk.

Solicit Synopsis


• WILSON FISK’s criminal past has tarnished his public image, but to move beyond it, Fisk must face the demons of his past…and convince the world he’s changed!

• Writer SARAH DEWEY has conflicted feelings about helping him turn over this new leaf…but is Fisk’s promise of complete transparency and a big (legal) pay day too good for Sarah to pass up?

• This is the Kingpin in all his brutal honesty…the man, the murderer, the criminal…and the good Samaritan?!

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