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Quote1 Which is it? You a reporter or you work for the fat man? Quote2
-- Tombstone

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Synopsis for "By the Throat"

Daredevil warns Sarah Dewey away from Kingpin and leaves. Later the follows Kingpin around as he performs a series of good deeds; she tells him about Daredevil’s allegations against him and he replies there is a mutual dislike. Investigating some allegations Fisk levels against Gavin Boyce, she is accosted by two thugs who take her to see Tombstone. He initially threatens to kill her, but she convinces him instead to talk about Kingpin, promising to keep everything off the record.

That night she arrives home to find a man hired by Fisk installing a security system; the next day she takes her kids to see Orlando Perez in a boxing match and calls Kingpin to express her displeasure that he did that without asking her. That night she returns the kids late to her ex-husband’s house; they quarrel and he strikes her, causing her to leave in anger.

Back at her own apartment, she learns from the news that her recording with Tombstone has been leaked to the public. Wesley calls to say her life is in danger; she agrees to meet the Kingpin at a coffee shop, where Tombstone’s men soon attack them both. Kingpin fights them off and ushers her out the back door, where two more of Tombstone’s goons are waiting to kill her.

Solicit Synopsis


• WILSON FISK. People love him. Kids look up to him. His generosity and kindness make him a model citizen.

• This is the spin…but DAREDEVIL doesn’t buy it.

• As SARAH DEWEY tries to separate fact from fiction while on assignment to pen Fisk’s biography, will an OLD ENEMY’S plan to snuff out Fisk change the narrative?

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