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Quote1 You're worried about the Kingpin? Quote2
-- Orlando Perez

Appearing in "...The Harder They Fall"

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Synopsis for "...The Harder They Fall"

Sarah visits Orlando Perez at the gym and passes the Kingpin’s man Turk, who has just told Orlando to throw the championship fight. Orlando tells Sarah he refused. Later, dining with the Kingpin who is enjoying the early draft of her book, she confronts him about this, and Kingpin says he has been controlling his career since the beginning. Kingpin advises her to convince him to lay down; Sarah angrily storms out.

Later she is drinking heavily at a bar and Orlando comes to take her home. She tells him he has to throw the fight; he still refuses. Sarah spirals into a stupor of drunkenness, neglecting to finish the Fisk manuscript. Three weeks later she attends Orlando’s championship fight, and he finally agrees to throw the fight, for her sake.

Among the crowd she is brought to a seat next to Kingpin, Jigsaw, and Tombstone, the latter of whom she is surprised to see now working for Kingpin. A visibly upset Kingpin demands to know why she hasn’t finished his book; she says she refuses. During the fight Orlando Perez refuses to go down as requested, and fights through several more rounds. He tells Sarah he’s not worried about the Kingpin.

After a sleepless night, Sarah decides to finish the book, and months later, she arrives at the launch party, now very cold-hearted, wealthy and powerful, with custody of her children and firmly in Fisk’s employ.

Solicit Synopsis


• SARAH DEWEY realizes there’s no turning back from the KINGPIN now…

• …but how much MORE is it going to cost her?

• WILSON FISK reestablishes his reputation with his biography… but what is his end game?

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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