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Appearing in "Thug Part 6"

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Synopsis for "Thug Part 6"

The issue starts off with "Robbie" Robertson and Peter Parker arguing about Spider-Man. Robbie says the hero is grandstanding and that if Spider-Man really wanted to do some good, he would go after the drugs that the mob is putting on the street.

Meanwhile in Fisk's apartment, Rocko is taking pictures of Kingpin's "dead" body in his bathtub. Knowing that Rocko was going to go after Fisk, Portia Clennon filled his gun with blanks. Jimmy Sariano had ordered the hit. Fisk sends Rocko back to Sariano with the pictures, telling Rocko that with his help Sariano is going down at 10 a.m. in church.

Spider-Man is seen going after the drug dealers. Two of them fight over the fact that Fisk has ordered that no drugs be sold to children. Spider-Man steps in and starts to pummel both of them. One of them tells Spider-Man that there is a big shipment at the docks at 10 a.m. After Spider-Man leaves, one of them makes a call. He tells whoever is on the other end that Spider-Man fell for the bait.

Rocko takes the pictures to Sariano. He tells Sariano that he wants a partnership and a Boxster. Sariano pulls a gun and Rocko reveals that the pictures are fakes and tells him about Portia's participation. Portia had just escaped from Sariano's house through the bathroom window.

Rocko also tells Sariano about Fisk's intention to kill him in church. Sariano tells Rocko that the crime lords are having a meeting at St. Mary's after the church service. Sariano calls Don Gambisi and tells him Fisk will be there. He also calls Anthony Bianco, telling him that he will be able to meet the man who kidnapped his son at St. Mary's.

At the church, Sariano sends his men to watch all of the entrances. During the service, Kingpin breaks into the church basement and knocks out one of Sariano's men. The noise attracts attention and Rocko and Bianco head down to confront him. Once they are there, Bianco knocks out Rocko with his gun. Fisk shows up and it is revealed that Fisk is detoxing Bianco's son and Bianco knew about it.

At the end of the issue, the mob has decided to leave the church. When they attempt to open the doors, they are locked. Fisk and Bianco are looking down from a balcony, welcoming them to the "late service."

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