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Quote1.png Do I look like a man who gives a @#*! how you %&*!$@ me over? I know it was Fisk that stole the tape from you. But it was your word. You %&*!$@ me over. You shouldn'ta tried to run with the big dogs, girly. You were always gonna be out of your league. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Life During Wartime"

Kingpin fights off and kills Tombstone’s two thugs, and apologizes to Sarah for the volence. The next day, she is surprised to find no reference to the killings in the paper. At her custody hearing, Kingpin’s agent Wesley unexpectedly appears to serve as her counsel. To Sarah’s surprise, her ex-husband and his attorney agree to all Wesley’s demands.

A few days later, dining with Fisk, Sarah asks about the courtroom proceedings and the attack on them in the diner, but Fisk refuses to address those events directly. Instead he gives her a packet of information revealing the criminal activities of a rival, Gavin Boyce. When the story is printed, she feels uncomfortable because it was more of a hit job than investigative reporting, but is gratified by her rejuvenated career.

Interviewing people for her book on Fisk, Sarah is kidnapped by a thug who brings her back to Tombstone. Still upset about the tape leaking, even though he knows it was Kingpin who stole and leaked it, he says she should have never started running with the big dogs, and points a gun at her head. Before he can fire, he and his gang are attacked by Kingpin’s men, who free her and say she is one of them now.

That night she has started drinking again, and Orlando Perez comes to say he’s been given a shot at the championship. They make love, while Kingpin watches her window from the street below.

Solicit Synopsis


• WILSON FISK’s biographer SARAH DEWEY is in over her head...

• …and a gang war is about to erupt in the streets!

• But is Fisk really pulling the strings, or is the KINGPIN as clean as he claims?

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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