Kingsize began his criminal career by attacking Janet van Dyne (Wasp) at a fashion show in Bloomingdale's. In the form of a giant bull, he told her that "her kind" had made life for the "giants...impossible." Claiming to be a champion of the giants, he terrorized Wasp across the store, taking on the forms of a giant frog, a giant snake, a giant bee, and finally a giant spider. With some timely help by the detective Dakota North, the Wasp eventually subdued him.[1]

During the super-hero Civil War, Kingsize was among a number of other criminals receiving Skrull organ transplants. He eventually helped Ricadonna escape prison. His current status is unknown.[2]


Kingsize was very tall and he could take on the form of any animal, only giant-sized, and colored the same as the costume he wore. Additionally, he had some degree of invulnerability. He was bulletproof, and could withstand several of the the Wasp's blasts.

After the Skrull organ transplant, he now possesses the shape-shifting powers of the Skrulls as well.

Strength level

Super-human to an unknown degree. His size alone would have given him strength superior to a human's.


The crystal on his forehead seemed to be the source of his powers (he had to touch it to transform), and being shot there by the Wasp's stings was enough to defeat him. Whether this is still the case, post-organ transplant, is unknown.

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