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The Kingslayer Mark 1 was a weapon designed by Norman Osborn and funded by the Countess as part of the arsenal the Goblin Army offered to the highest-bidders.

During a clandestine weapons demonstration in Hong Kong, Osborn planned to showcase the Kingslayer by having a self-driving model of it compete against the Goblin Glide-Cycles. When Spider-Man and Silver Sable attempted to interfere with Osborn's plans, they were lured to the underground tunnel where the expo was being held, and Osborn released the Kingslayer on them.

The heroes were left to fight the Kingslayer, and destroyed it once Spider-Man webbed a power cell from a Glide-Cycle on it and had Silver Sable shoot it, causing an explosion that reduced the Kingslayer to scraps.[1]


The Kingslayer was described by Norman Osborn as a walking tank, and it's equipped with a cannon. It comes in two models, for piloting and self-driving.[1]


  • The Kingslayer sports the Green Goblin's iconic green and purple color scheme.[1]

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