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As a baby, Amphibian's parents were so shocked by their child's strange appearance, she was abandoned in the ocean after her mother committed suicide and her father went insane. Due to her amphibious nature, she was able to survive and grew up as a feral child, not encountering humans until she was an adult.[2] In her first encounter with humans, she came across a female diver who panicked when confronted with her inhuman appearance. The diver's air hose broke, causing her to suffocate in front of Amphibian. She surfaced with the dead body, returning it to a nearby boat where the diver's husband was waiting. He also panicked, assuming she had killed his wife, and attacked her with a spear gun. She retaliated, killing him.[3]

Amphibian's second encounter with humans happened after the confrontation between Hyperion and Doctor Spectrum. At this point, Amphibian discovered Doctor Spectrum on the ocean floor, regenerating in a cocoon generated by his power crystal. When he awakened, they discovered Amphibian's telepathic ability, and were able to converse. Spectrum found himself attracted to her, and promised to return after reporting to his superiors. When he did, he took her to a remote vacation home that once belonged to one of his targets. He had integrated the house with a giant open-air salt-water aquarium, and Amphibian was quite pleased with her new accommodations. Spectrum then voiced his attraction to her and christens her "Kingsley Rice".[4]

Kingsley was among the superhumans that either volunteered or were drafted into the Squadron Supreme. As a member of that team she was given the codename "Amphibian".

Time Runs Out

The Squadron Supreme confronted Earth-616's Cabal during an Incursion and perished in combat right before their Earth was destroyed by the Cabal, so theirs could live.[5]



  • Amphibious Physiology: Amphibian has the ability to breathe underwater and retractable organs similar to that of a predatory fish (gills, spines, fins, sharp claws) that she extends when expressing intense emotion.
  • Enhanced Senses: She is able to perceive luminous halos around certain individuals, including Power Princess and Doctor Spectrum, which apparently allude to their nature.[6]
  • Telepathy: Amphibian can project her thoughts into other people's minds and read their thoughts.[7]
  • Superhuman Strength


  • In keeping with the premise of Amphibian being a feral child, the creator of the Supreme Power Amphibian, J. Michael Straczynski, has played up two character elements. First, that she does not speak in the stories, but instead relies on a telepathic ability. This follows from her growing up in an environment that prevented vocalization, and not having had anyone to teach her speech. Second, aside from public appearances with the Squadron, the character is seen in the nude. This also follows from her environment, clothes not being a natural or needed thing. The latter was also a visual element that was supported by the series being published under the MAX imprint. Since the imprint was designed for stories containing material for mature readers, Gary Frank had a freer hand in showing this aspect of the character.

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