Captain Kioto was a member of the Imperial Japanese army during World War II. He and his troops occupied an island in the South Pacific having convinced the natives that lived there to allow them to occupy their land. Kioto took perverse pleasure of torturing American prisoners of war until they died and then having their bodies parachuted at a nearby military base. Due to the number of islands around the vicinity, American military officials estimated it would take them months to learn the location where their soldiers were being tortured and killed.

That all changed in the fall of 1943, when the leader of the natives protested to Kioto about not being allowed to have guns when they were charged with guarding the American prisoners. Kioto shot and killed the leader for this demand, hoping it would keep the natives from revolting. This had the opposite effect, as one of the natives traveled to the American base and left a map showing where the Japanese were camped.

This map was found by Private Steve Rogers, who went to investigate with in his costumed identity of Captain America along with his partner Bucky. Helping the natives in a revolt to overthrow the Japanese invading their land, Captain America and Bucky were captured and brought before Kioto. Kioto told the heroes that he would execute them and send their bodies back to the American base as a warning to them.

However, the two heroes managed to escape, and after raiding an ammunition hut and freeing the remaining American soldiers, led a counter attack on Kioto and his men. During the battle, they radioed the American base and gave the location of the island. Cap and the others managed to escape the island just as American bombers arrived. If Kioto was not killed during the fighting, he was surely eliminated in the subsequent bombing by American planes.[1]


Kioto tortured his victims with a whip. He also carried a pistol.

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