Kiri was a member of the Spider Clan and younger sister to May. She resented the fact that her family had arranged a marriage for her and wished to marry for love like her elder sister did. In her pursuit of this goal she met a member of the Shadow Clan who gave her one of their Amulets, corrupting her.

One day, when discussing her engagement to Ben Parker with her sister and her husband, Kiri told the pair that she was pregnant, and revealed the fact that she planned to run away with the child's father. The Shadow Clan arrived at this time and while Shinji tried to defend the sisters from them, he and his and May's son were cut down by arrows. Kiri then left with the Shadow Clan and while her ultimate fate is unclear, it is implied she died.


It is likely that Kiri was a highly trained ninja like the rest of her family.


Shadow Clan Amulet: A blue jewel held by the members of the Shadow Clan, it corrupts the user whilst providing them with the black uniform of the Shadow Clan and a more aggressive personality.

  • While not stated, it is probable that the Shadow Clan Member and thus, Peter's father that Kiri fell in love with is Baal.

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