Child prodigy Kiri Oshiro was the daughter of Rumiko Fujikawa, a close friend of Technopolis' Baron Tony Stark. Following her parents death, Tony took Kiri under his wing, and she became his protegee.[1] Unbeknownst to Kiri, Tony himself had been the murderer of Kiri's parents, as part of his attempts to keep the nature of the airborne disease plaguing the domain a secret.[2]

Kiri became an inventor, and the head of Mobairu Yōsai Mechaniks. Tony was particularly interested in the internal work of Kiri's armors, and the powerful mainframe that he couldn't get into, so he attempted to absorb Kiri's company to prevent her technology from getting to Technopolis' inhabitants,[2] but he claimed he wanted to acquire the company simply to protect her from his rival and brother Arno Stark.[1]

After the death of her boyfriend Peter Urich, who had a secret life as the vigilante known as Spyder-Man, Kiri devoted herself entirely to her work as a way to cope with Peter's death. Kiri's life was put in danger when a spy of Arno infiltrated Kiri's building to investigate her new technologies. After neutralizing the threat with the help of her friend Lila Rhodes, Kiri opened up about her feelings.[3]

Kiri's mecha

The following day when she was visiting Peter's grave, Technopolis's Grand Marshal Jim Rhodes, who was also Lila's uncle, informed Kiri on a lead on Peter's murderer. Kiri kept working constantly to stay focused, to Lila's dismay.[4]

When Jim Rhodes was killed by Tony Stark, the person who had murdered Spyder-Man, Rhodey was able to record and transmit Stark's confession, sending it to Lila. Kiri and Lila then unleashed Kiri's secret weapon, a pair of gigantic suits of armor, to stop the Starks once and for all.[5]

A battle of gigantic proportions took place in the streets of Technopolis between the Stark brothers and Kiri and Lila. While Stark revealed the truth to Kiri, she had been using the fight as a misdirection to distract the Starks from a virus she had entered into their suits, and ultimately shut them down. Some time later, the Thor Corps arrived to the scene to take care of the Stark brothers, and dispatched them in the name of Doom. While the inhabitants of Technopolis still suffered of the illness, a process of healing began for Technopolis now that the truth wasn't covered, by the hand of its new Baroness, Kiri Oshiro, accompanied by Technopolis' newly appointed Thor, Lila Rhodes.[2]

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