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One of the Cyclades, this peaceful isle was found by Charles Xavier, who spent some time there with Lilandra.[1]

At the professor's suggestion, Jean Grey vacationed in Kirinos after the X-Men's apparent deaths fighting Magneto in the Antarctic. It was there she was unknowingly stalked by Mastermind -- posing as a charming Greek gentleman named Nikos -- on the behalf of the Hellfire Club.[2]

In a similar vein, Storm escorted the New Mutants to Kirinos following their ordeal with the Shadow King and reunion with Karma. Their rest and recreation was cut short by agents of Loki, who sought revenge for an earlier encounter with the X-Men and Alpha Flight. The Trickster God kidnapped Storm to Asgard as well as the New Mutants, whom he left to the devices of the Enchantress.[3]

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