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Kirk Marston was a radiologist working for Nayland Smith at MI-6. When Ka-Zar came to London, looking for a cure to a Vibranium-related madness that had befallen the people of the Savage Land, Marston was introduced to him by journalist Tandy Snow. Marston accompanied Snow and Ka-Zar to the Savage Land to inspect the Vibranium. When they arrived, they found that the Savage Land had been invaded by the Sheenarians.[1] After the defeat of the invasion force, Marston accompanied Ka-Zar and Snow to the Sheenarians home dimension.[2] After having fled during a battle with the Quarlians, Marston discovered the Kramen and led Tongah and Bernard Kloss to them.[3] They immunized him to the process of energy absorption[4] to which they then subjected their prisoners.

Marston was later captured by Zaladane and subjected to a mystical ritual that transformed him into the host body for Garokk the Petrified Man.[5] Garokk has physically died and been resurrected several times since then, suggesting that the host body of Kirk Marston is effectively dead.

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