Quote1.png More costumed crazies! Maybe they'll all kill each other and I'll finally be free of this nightmare! Quote2.png
-- Carmen Pryde

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Wolverine is in Tokyo looking for Kitty Pryde, who went to Japan after his father. Yukio jumps on Wolverine and after a brief fight and something more, he asks her about Kitty and Shigematsu. Later Wolverine is attacked by a ninja wearing a demon red mask. The ninja throws a smell bomb at him, shoots an arrow at his leg, and poisons him with his claws. Wolverine has to flee and hide himself in an ally to let his powers heal him. Yukio finds Carmen Pryde, Kitty's father, drunk in one of Shigematsu Industries' room. There she is attacked by Shumai, ex-sumo fighter and Shigematsu's bodyguard. She throws him from the window but grabs his hand at the end, just to be pushed down by him together with Carmen. Yukio manages to save them both. The ninja finally manage to find the alley were Wolverine hid, he have had time to heal and now he is hunting the ninja through a nearby railway station. The battle begins in the subway; at the end, the mask falls and the ninja was Kitty Pryde, ready to stab Wolverine with her sword.

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