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Quote1.png I'm here to make you an offer you can't refuse, old man. Just like in the movies. Quote2.png
Shadowcat to Shigematsu

Appearing in "Courage"

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Synopsis for "Courage"

Kitty Pryde goes to Tokyo and demands Heiji Shigematsu to stop threaten her father. Then she decides to battle Ogun to the death, and change her image and call herself Shadowcat because of her new ninja abilities. She changes places with Mariko, assuming that Ogun would try to kill her, and she was right. She fight very well but at the end Ogun tries to control her mind again but she resists and then Ogun is about to kill her, when Wolverine shows up.


  • In this issue, Kitty Pryde chooses her new name mutant name "Shadowcat" instead of "Sprite".
  • Amiko Kobayashi appears as Mariko's adopted daughter after her mother was killed in Uncanny X-Men #181. Her name is misspelled "Akiko" in this issue.

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