The Kkallakku is a extra-dimensional being known as demon, that gains his powers from the fear of other lifeforms. He spawned the Kkallakki, better known as the Fear Eaters. [1]

Kkallakku became a member of a team of demons called the Fear Lords The Dweller In Darkness was the leader of the Fear Lords summoned the other members to join him in causing 'The Great Fear' to take over Earth. [2]

Kkallakku summoned his children the Fear Eaters to help with the attack on the planet. The Fear Lords first area of attack was New York City, feeding off their fears. Doctor Strange intervened and absorbed as much fear from the population as possible. The Fear Eaters cannot resist Doctor Strange since he has a city full of fear inside, despite the commands of Kkallakku. Doctor Strange opens a mystical portal to another dimension jumps though it, luring the Fear Lords behind him. He jumps back through the portal back to Earth trapping the Demons in an unnamed dimension.[3]

Alternate Reality Versions

Marvel Action

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In Earth-TRN711 the Fear Eaters are an alien race instead of a magical one. Rarely travelling in packs, they stalk their prey alone, forcing their victims to see their worst nightmare before their eyes. Feeding on their terror unless their victims become lifeless shells, the Fear Eaters have been a major intergalactic problem for decades.[4]

Powers and Abilities


  • Generating fear[4]
  • Merging with the victim[5]
  • Phasing through solid surfaces[6]



Population: Well into the millions


Type of Government: Hive
Level of Technology: Primitive
Cultural Traits: The Fear-Eaters are predatory and parasitic in nature. Their abilities may stem from magic
Representatives: Kkallakku

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