Like each of the Fear Lords, the Dweller-in-Darkness was a mystery, and his origin (or even his very existence) was known to few.[1][2]

The Kkallakku was a Demon that gained his powers from the fear of other lifeforms. He spawned the Kkallakki, better known as the Fear Eaters. [3]

Modern Age

The Dweller in Darkness summoned the other members to join him in causing "The Great Fear" and take over Earth.[4]

Kkallakku summoned his children, the Fear Eaters, to help with the attack on the planet. The Fear Lords first area of attack was New York City, feeding off their fears. Doctor Strange intervened and absorbed as much fear from the population as possible.[5]

The Fear Eaters cannot resist Doctor Strange since he has a city full of fear inside, despite the commands of Kkallakku. Doctor Strange opens a mystical portal to another dimension and jumps though it, luring the Fear Eaters behind him. He jumps back through the portal, back to Earth, trapping the Demons in an unnamed dimension. When Kkallakku realized he had lost his artillery force, he fled.[6]


Kkallakku possesses extreme levels of durability, often appearing to be immune to physical attacks. Kkallakku is immune to conventional disease, injury or aging. Kkallakku often projects and generates the fears of other beings, feeding off the subsequent fears generated. He can fly and travel through dimensions.



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