Kl'rt (who is called Super-Skrull) is a recurring antagonist of the Fantastic Four.

After the Skrulls' first attempt to conquer Earth by discrediting the Fantastic Four had failed, they had created a new ultimate weapon in the form of Super-Skrull, who had the ability to duplicate all of the abilities of the Fantastic Four, and even magnify his strength by drawing energy from the Skrull Galaxy.

Super-Skrull had been sent to Earth to defeat the Fantastic Four, and had nearly succeeded until Reed Richards had discovered that they could defeat their new foe by blocking the energy feed from the Skrull Galaxy (due to a live television crew filming Ben Grimm as he engaged Super-Skrull in battle). He had created a device that, when placed on Super-Skrull's head, would weaken him enough for the Fantastic Four to defeat him. However, as their rematch was in progress, and Ben Grimm gained the upper hand by pinning Super-Skrull against a tree, Super-Skrull demonstrated his mind-control abilities, forcing Ben to release him, and before they could plant the jamming device on his head. They eventually prevailed when Sue and Reed used a Frisbee-style tag-team tactic that succeeded and weakened Super-Skrull, enabling the Fantastic Four to seal him inside the mouth of a dormant volcano.[1]

A short time later, Super-Skrull had been blasted free from his volcanic prison, being given another mission of "Divide and Conquer" to destroy the Fantastic Four, after learning of the arrest of Dr. Franklin Storm (the father of Sue and Johnny). Under the orders of the warlord Morrat, Super-Skrull had taken the likeness of Dr. Storm, sent the real doctor to the Skrull Galaxy, and replaced him. The following day, "Dr. Storm" was visited by Sue and Johnny, and claimed to them that he had created an invincibility formula. After orders from the prison guards fell on deaf ears, the false Dr. Storm attacked them and escaped, taking the identity of The Invincible Man.

The Fantastic Four found themselves outmatched when they tried to subdue who they thought was Dr. Storm without hurting him, and Reed eventually resorted to attacking him, but was impeded by Sue when she used her invisible force field to shield "Dr. Storm" from her husband's attack. On that note, Super-Skrull addressed Sue mockingly as "Daughter" before escaping. However, Reed had discovered that "Dr. Storm" was able to duplicate all the powers of the Fantastic Four and blocked Super-Skrull's power source, causing him to lose his disguise.[2]

With that mission having failed, Super-Skrull was transported back to the Skrull Galaxy, but returned to Earth in search of a shape-shifting alien who called himself Impossible Man. After being scared off by the shape-shifter (who had taken the form of a green-colored Galactus), Super-Skrull retreated.[3] To this day, his fate remains unknown, but it is possible that he returned to the Skrull Galaxy.


Seemingly those of the Super-Skrull of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Super-Skrull of Earth-616.


Kl'rt's powers requires a source of energy to be directed into him. He loses his powers if this source of energy is cut off.

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