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Quote1 What better way to die than on your feet... With blood on your hands and fallen enemies underfoot? Quote2
Kl'rt the Super-Skrull[src]


Early Life[]

Kl'rt (Earth-616), Jazinda Kl'rt-Spawn (Earth-616), and Sarnogg (Earth-616) from She-Hulk Vol 2 33 001

Kl'rt and his children[20]

Kl'rt was a member of the Skrulls race. Years before he became the Super-Skrull, he was a decorated soldier in the Skrull army. This led a wealthy Skrullian countess from the planet Zaragz'na to be betrothed to him.[21] He spawned two children, a son, Sarnogg,[17] and a daughter, Jazinda.[18] Kl'rt favored his son and despised his daughter.[20] However, Kl'rt's duty and devotion as a soldier kept him away from his family, most notably when he fought in the Battle of Harkoon.[17][21] However, after a string of defeats, the disgraced Kl'rt was turned away by his mate, banished from Z'aragz'na, and was no longer allowed to see his son. Over the years Kl'rt secretly kept tabs on his old life.[21]

Kl'rt (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Annual Vol 1 6 0001

Kl'rt as an adult

When Jazinda grew to adulthood she sought to win her father's respect and joined the Skrull army herself. While on a mission to recover the Sy-Torak Gem from the Kree empire, she was caught in the act. She swallowed the gem and it permanently bonded to her body. Discovering that she could not die with the gem in her system, and that its removal would kill her, Jazinda went into hiding. This failed mission put shame upon Kl'rt's home and he vowed to one day find his daughter and kill her for the disgrace she put upon their family.[20] Meanwhile, Sarnogg underwent his first hunt, an event which Kl'rt witnessed from a distance as he was not allowed to attend.[21]

The First Super-Skrull[]

Reed Richards (Earth-616) and Kl'rt (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 18 0001

The Super-Skrull battles the Fantastic Four for the first time[2]

Under the rule of Emperor Dorrek VII, Kl'rt became the first Super-Skrull. He was endowed with the powers of the Fantastic Four and sent to Earth to conquer it after the Fantastic Four thwarted their previous invasion attempt.[22] With powers that were stronger than his foes', the Super-Skrull was more than a match against the Fantastic Four. The team's leader, Mr. Fantastic, deduced that Kl'rt's powers were artificial and beamed to him from the Skrull throneworld, so he built a jamming device that cut off the Super-Skrull's power source. Powerless, Kl'rt was imprisoned inside a dormant volcano.[2]

Kl'rt (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 32 001

Kl'rt posing as the Invincible Man[7]

Still seeking revenge against the Fantastic Four, Dorrek had his scientists boost the transmission signal, allowing the Super-Skrull to break free of the volcano months later. Under orders, Kl'rt took the place of Franklin Storm, father of the Fantastic Four's Invisible Girl and Human Torch. At the time, Franklin was serving time in prison for vehicular manslaughter. Posing as Franklin, the Super-Skrull broke out of jail and fashioned the identity of the "Invincible Man", using his "familial" connection to the Fantastic Four to force them to hold back while he committed a crime spree. However, noticing that their foe replicated all their powers, Reed correctly deduced that the Invincible Man was really the Super-Skrull in disguise. Reed then constructed a weapon and threatened to destroy the Skrull Throneworld unless Dorrek agreed to cease his hostilities. The Super-Skrull was teleported back to his homeworld and Franklin Storm was returned. However, the Skrulls planned a double-cross as they had planted a bomb on Franklin to destroy the Fantastic Four. Franklin instead sacrificed his life, shielding the FF from the blast, saving their lives and dying a hero.[23]

When Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Girl were to be married, their old foe Dr. Doom created an Emotion Changer device and used it to draw in an army of super-villains to attack the wedding. Among those who were drawn in for the attack was the Super-Skrull. Kl'rt failed to get close to the wedding as his ship was destroyed by the Asgardian thunder god Thor[24] who then defeated him in hand-to-hand combat.[25] Ultimately the Super-Skrull and the other villains were sent away by Mr. Fantastic who was given a Time Displacer device by the Watcher which shunted all their foes back in time to prior to the attack and with no memory of what happened.[24][25] That Christmas Eve, the Super-Skrull made yet another attack on the Fantastic Four, this time while they were celebrating Christmas at their headquarters in the Baxter Building. Although details pertaining to this battle are minimal, Kl'rt was easily defeated and likely escaped.[26] For his past failures the Super-Skrull was put on patrol duty. It was here that he was manipulated by the Asgardian trickster god Loki. Under Loki's influence, Kl'rt returned to Earth to attack Thor. Thor proved to be more than a match for the Super-Skrull, and using his enchanted hammer Mjolnir created "anti-force" rays to send him out of Earth's orbit, with a warning to stay away from Earth in the future.[27]

The Kree/Skrull War[]

Soon the Skrulls' eternal enemies, the Kree, became interested in the planet Earth once again.[28] Seeing that decorated Kree soldier Captain Mar-Vell was among those exploring the Earth, Emperor Dorrek sent the Super-Skrull back to Earth to learn what he could about the Kree activity there. Using a device to track Mar-Vell's uniform by its unique "radiation factor", the Super-Skrull came upon Jeremy Logan who rented a room to Mar-Vell in his human guise of Dr. Walter Lawson. Logan, suspecting that Lawson was some kind of spy who was attempting to bring a cylinder of his equipment to turn over to the military at Cape Canaveral, unaware that its internal security was set to explode.[29] Kl'rt knocked out Mar-Vell and attempted to probe his mind and learned that a Kree Sentry was in the custody of the United States military. Disguising himself as Walter Lawson, the Super-Skrull took the cylinder and attempted to infiltrate the base, but Captain Marvel broke free and took back the cylinder. When Kl'rt attempted to use his Skrullian hypnotic abilities, Mar-Vell activated lenses on his helmet that reversed their power onto the Super-Skrull. Mar-Vell then ordered the Skrull to forget his mission and leave the Earth, ending his threat.[11]

Kl'rt (Earth-616) and Mar-Vell (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 1 93 001

Kl'rt vs Captain Marvel[6]

After this most recent failure, the Super-Skrull sought to regain the favour of Emperor Dorrek when the Kree-Skrull War finally resumed all out warfare. To this end, Kl'rt revived three Skrull spies who were trapped in the form of Earth cows.[30] He then had a fourth spy replace US politician H. Warren Craddock to spread xenophobic hysteria and start a government sanctioned witch hunt for aliens that were active in the United States.[31] "Craddock" specifically incited hatred of Kl'rt's old foe Captain Marvel and his allies the Avengers who were "harbouring" him. When an angry mob formed outside of Avengers Mansion, the Super-Skrull posed as Mar-Vell's ally Carol Danvers and convinced him to follow "her" to "safety". After their departure, the Avengers were grilled by "Craddock" at the Commission for Alien Affairs. Back at Avengers Mansion the three Skrull spies posed as senior Avengers Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America, tricking the current roster and ordering them to disband.[32] The disbanded Avengers then went looking for Mar-Vell, tracking him to a farm where "Carol Danvers" stated they were going to hide out. There they were attacked by the three spies, who took on the forms of Mr. Fantastic, the Human Torch, and the Thing. During the battle the Vision was injured and escaped, but the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were captured. Meanwhile, Mar-Vell and "Carol" broke free from their bonds and "Danvers" tricked Mar-Vell into building an Omni-Wave Projector which Kl'rt plotted to use as a weapon against the Kree. Realizing this deception, Mar-Vell destroyed the Projector, but was too late to prevent the Super-Skrull from knocking him out, and fleeing the scene with Mar-Vell, Quicksilver, and the Scarlet Witch as his prisoners.[6]

The Super-Skrull then attempted to attack the Great Refuge of the Inhumans, but found it too well protected. The Vision also had stowed away aboard his ship and attempted to attack, but fled when he realized he could not stop Kl'rt without harming his prisoners and opted for another means of saving them. Kl'rt then brought his prisoners back to the Skrull Throneworld hoping to use them to win favour back from Dorrek VII and hopefully win the hand of Princess Anelle in the process. Dorrek however was unimpressed with the Super-Skrull's arrival and sedated him and took the prisoners as his own. Dorrek also hoped to force Mar-Vell to create an Omni-Wave Projector.[33] Kl'rt was imprisoned and when Princess Anelle decided to betray her father by helping free Mar-Vell, the Super-Skrull -- loyal to the princess -- changed his shape into that of Mar-Vell in order to cover for them, giving them the time they needed to get away,[5] which the Avengers won with the help of their ally Rick Jones who halted the Kree/Skrull War by utilizing the Destiny Force to immobilize both the Kree and Skrull armies.[34]

Minion of Thanos[]

Escaping captivity, the Super-Skrull and another Skrull renegade named Skragg joined up an army of other rogue aliens under the command of the Mad Titan named Thanos.[35] The pair were sent to Earth to drive Captain Marvel and his human sidekick Rick Jones to insanity using a series of complex holograms, deceptions, as well as framing Jones for the murder of Professor Benjamin Savannah.[36] This purpose for driving Mar-Vell mad was to probe Rick Jones' mind for the location of the Cosmic Cube for Thanos to use.[37] When Skragg's attempts at psychological torture failed to work, the Super-Skrull attacked directly, but proved to be no match for Mar-Vell who easily defeated him, forcing the two Skrulls to flee the scene.[36] They attempted to capture Mar-Vell a second time by tricking him into fighting the Thing, but Thanos soon grew weary of the battle and intervened. Knocking out the Thing, and killing Skragg Thanos then forced Mar-Vell to switch places with Rick Jones before teleporting them all, save for the Thing, to the Saturnian moon of Titan home of the Eternals of Titan.[35] On Titan, Thanos managed to get the information from the mind of Rick Jones and left for Earth to recover the Cosmic Cube. He left Kl'rt in charge of operations on Titan, giving him the powerful Unisphere as a weapon to defend it from rebels seeking to reclaim Titan. Mar-Vell was freed from his prison by the Eternals Mentor and Starfox and the trio led a rebellion against the Super-Skrull and his forces. Mar-Vell fought Kl'rt again, smashing the Unisphere on the ground. Beaten within an inch of his life, Kl'rt collapsed in battle and Mar-Vell left him for dead.[37] Mar-Vell ultimately returned to Earth and defeated Thanos with the help of the Avengers.[38][39]

Joshua Plague[]

Kl'rt (Earth-616) from Marvel Chillers Vol 1 3 0001

Posing as Joshua Plague[12]

Surviving his encounter with Captain Marvel, the Super-Skrull returned to Earth in order to heal from his injuries. Needing astrotopic serums to do so, he created the guise of Joshua Plague and with a robot's aid managed to muscle his way into leading the group of mercenary scavengers known as the Rat Pack, much to the chagrin of their original leader, a man known only as "Number One".[40] He recruited new members, including Marie DuChailu whom he rescued from being killed by the Maggia after she was deposed as the crime queen of New Orleans, as well as two death row inmates.[41]

Their operations soon interfered with attempts by Tigra to resume her human form when Professor Leon, one of the fabled Cat People, was exposed and apprehended under suspicion of being one of the Rat Pack. Growing angry at their violent attacks, Tigra went after the Rat Pack as they were attacking a nearby Native American reservation. There "Joshua Plague" battled Tigra, and used his hypnosis to weaken her.[12] The Rat Pack then fled, taking the object that "Plague" sought: an ancient Soul Catcher that the tribal elders had kept for centuries.[40] Tigra resumed her pursuit of the Rat Pack, as well as that of the Native American hero known as Red Wolf who sought to avenge his people.[12] Tigra tracked "Joshua" and his minions back to their hideout and battled them once again. "Plague" proved to be an even more powerful foe while wielding the Soul Catcher. Tigra was easily defeated and as Red Wolf approached their headquarters, "Plague" ordered it set to explode while they escaped.[40]

Retreating to another hideout, Kl'rt had everything he needed and had decided that his allies had outlived their usefulness and used the Soul Catcher to try and kill them. This attempt was interrupted by Tigra and Red Wolf who were able to escape the explosion. During the course of the battle, one of the Rat Pack -- "Plague's" most loyal servant, Number 5 -- was revealed to be a robot, prompting the Super-Skrull to cease keeping up his disguise and revealed his true identity.[41] During the ensuing battle, Red Wolf's animal sidekick Lobo made off with the Soul Catcher. The Super-Skrull went after Lobo, but he was interrupted from recovering it by Tigra and Red Wolf, and later the police who arrived on the scene. Kl'rt disguised himself as a homeless man, and when Tigra and Red Wolf were arrested, he followed them to the police station. He murdered the chief of police and took his place to get the Soul Catcher from them. Another battle broke out which ended when he attempted to use the device on Tigra. It took his soul instead, trapping him inside the Soul Catcher.[42] The Soul Catcher remained in police custody for months until Tigra eventually recovered it and turned it over to Mr. Fantastic for examination.[43]

Trapped in Hyperspace[]

Kl'rt (Earth-616), Peter Parker (Earth-616), and Jonathan Storm (Earth-616) from Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 61 001

Free from the Soul Catcher[43]

Some time later, when the heroes Spider-Man, Yellowjacket, and the Wasp battled the villain known as Equinox in New York City, their battle took them to the Fantastic Four's Baxter Building headquarters. During the course of the fight, the Soul Catcher was knocked out of stasis.[44] After Equinox was defeated, Spider-Man stayed behind to wait for the Fantastic Four to show up and was attacked by the Super-Skrull who managed to free himself from the Soul Catcher. Spider-Man was greatly overpowered but was granted a reprieve when the Human Torch arrived and lent a hand in the fight. Their battle took them to a nearby train yard where Spider-Man realized that the high tension wires above them blocked out the source of the Super-Skrull's powers weakening him. The Torch was injured in battle, but this gave Spider-Man to devise a crude jamming device, but Kl'rt proved to strong for it to contain.[43] Kl'rt easily trounced Spider-Man and left him for dead. Detecting a nearby Star Drive crystal aboard a passing cruise ship, the Super-Skrull attacked the vessel. Incidentally, Carol Danvers (now secretly the costumed hero known as Ms. Marvel) was aboard the ship and went into action to stop him. Spider-Man arrived shortly after and while the wall-crawler kept the Super-Skrull busy, Ms. Marvel arranged another jammer across the length of the ship. Once activated it dampened Kl'rt's powers significantly enough to weaken him. With the Star Drive becoming active, Ms. Marvel threw it at Kl'rt causing it to activate and sending Kl'rt into hyper-space, and was seemingly lost forever.[45]

Kl'rt (Earth-616) from Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 62 001

Trapped in hyperspace[45]

During the period when the Super-Skrull was lost in hyperspace, an apparent impostor kidnapped the X-Men known as Wolverine and Kitty Pryde in order for Skrull scientists to learn more about mutants for a future invasion plan. Taken aboard a Skrull vessel, both Kitty and Wolverine broke free, and with the help of Captain Marvel defeated this seeming Super-Skrull impostor and were returned to Earth.[46] The fate of this replacement Super-Skrull is unknown as there is no clear indication if he had ever been seen again.

During Kl'rt's time trapped in hyperspace, the Skrull throneworld was destroyed by Galactus.[47]

Kl'rt was eventually drawn back and reconstituted on Earth thanks to scientists at the Mount Logan Cosmic Ray Research Station located in the Canadian Rockies. Instinctively, Kl'rt disguised himself as the Thing in order to avoid detection. While the scientists tried to treat him, Kl'rt revived and murdered most of them. However among the team was Walter Langkowski, also known as the Sasquatch of the Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight.[10] During his battle with the Sasquatch, Kl'rt realized that after all the time in hyperspace trapped in the Van Allen Belts he had come down with a rapid and fatal form of leukemia. Desperate to return back to his homeworld, and unaware that it had been destroyed by Galactus months earlier, the Super-Skrull used his hypnotic powers to force Langkowski to build a transmitter to teleport him back home. Underestimating Walter's will power, Kl'rt was too late to realize that Sasquatch was only playing along, and when Kl'rt buckled under another fresh wave of pain, he was pushed into the transporter and seemingly atomized once again.[48]

Captain Hero[]

Kl'rt (Earth-616) from Namor, the Sub-Mariner Vol 1 25 001

Posing as Bobby Wright[49]

Shortly after this, the Super-Skrull was reconstituted by the mystic known as Master Khan who was seeking to get revenge against his arch-foe, the heroic Iron Fist. The Super-Skrull agreed to help in exchange for a mystical cure for his cancer. Khan then used his powers to transform to disguise Kl'rt as a young boy named "Bobby Wright", altering the Skrull's memory so that he himself believed that he was a young Earth boy.[49] The fabricated past of Bobby Wright was that of a boy that was abandoned by his teenage mother at a young age. Bounced from foster home to foster home the boy was prone to running away until one day, as the hoax went, Bobby witnessed a meteor that slammed into the planet's surface. Bobby was infected with alien spores that not only endowed him with powers but also threatened to terminate his "young" life.[4] These false memories were meant to further trick Iron Fist and prey on his sympathy to draw him closer to the boy. Khan then monitored the progress of "Bobby Wright" by posing as his neglectful guardian, as well as police officer Tyrone King.[49] To complete this deception Khan altered Kl'rt's powers. In addition to his natural shape-shifting powers, he was given the ability to fly without the use of his Human Torch flame, and become intangible. The "Bobby Wright" deception was made complete by having this false personality inspired by super-heroes and making him determined to find his "mother" before he died. Another deception was in allowing a Dr. West to become aware of and concerned for Bobby's "condition" to, manipulating him into wanting to help the "boy".

Kl'rt (Earth-616) from Namor, the Sub-Mariner Vol 1 25 002

Posing as Captain Hero[49]

Meanwhile, Bobby was influenced to seek out the Heroes for Hire, an organization run by Iron Fist with his partner, Power Man. Developing an adult super-hero form and calling himself Captain Hero, "Bobby" attacked Power Man at the offices of Heroes for Hire in an attempt to convince him to join their organization. Their fight took them across the city and when Power Man refused to allow Captain Hero to join Heroes for Hire, "Bobby" threw a temper tantrum and collapsed a tenement building on Power Man. Seeking the more subtle approach, "Bobby" then went to Luke Cage's secondary office at the the Gem Theatre in Times Square disguised as Dr. West. However he arrived just as the real Dr. West finished explaining Bobby's "origins". "Bobby" then decided to go and try to convince Iron Fist to allow him to join. Changing back into Captain Hero, "Bobby" tracked Iron Fist to a nearby hospital where he was checking on people who were injured during Captain Hero and Power Man's battle in the streets. When Iron Fist refused to talk to Captain Hero, the "youth" attacked in a rage. Ultimately Iron Fist managed to knock Captain Hero out just as Power Man and Dr. West arrived. Learning of "Bobby's" "terminal illness" and his desire to find his "mother", the two heroes became very sympathetic to his plight. Iron Fist then arranged for "Bobby" to be taken to Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. where he hoped that the scientists there might be able to "cure" him of his illness.[4] After spending a few days with "Bobby", Power Man and Iron Fist saw him to the plane that would take him to PEGASUS. Iron Fist promised the "boy" that he would try to visit him as often as he could.[50]

By the time that Iron Fist was able to get security clearance, thanks to some assistance from his friend the Falcon, PEGASUS was being terrorized by the mystical being known as Bres, one of the many super-villains held prisoner in the facility for study. Bres was obsessed with stealing the innocence of the facility staff in general, and Bobby in particular. Freed from his confinement, Bres then ordered "Bobby" to slay Iron Fist, but the "boy's" attachment to Iron Fist caused him to shake off Bres' influence and use his Captain Hero powers to defeat him, a turn of events Bres hardly expected nor was prepared for and he was quickly confined again.[51] While "Bobby" was being examined by PEGASUS staff, Master Khan made another attempt to destroy Iron Fist when the hero was brought to his home dimension of K'un-Lun.[52] Khan's plans were thwarted, and unknown to everyone, even Master Khan, the real Iron Fist was replaced with a H'ylthri impostor who took the real Iron Fist's place while the real Iron Fist remained a prisoner of the H'ylthri.[53]

Lucas Cage (Earth-616) and Kl'rt (Earth-616) from Power Man and Iron Fist Vol 1 125 001

Captain Hero's "death"[54]

By this point "Bobby" had taken to sneaking out of Project PEGASUS to hone his powers. Upon returning on one such evening he overheard PEGASUS staff talk about how Bobby's illness was seemingly incurable and he only had a month left to live. When PEGASUS security chief Michael O'Brien tried to console the "boy", "Bobby" fled the Project facility. As Captain Hero he went seeking out Iron Fist, finding his impostor as he was leading a SHIELD strike force to destroy an ocean monitoring facility constructed by the god-like being known as the Beyonder. When SHIELD agents accidentally launched nuclear warheads at the facility, both Captain Hero and Iron Fist destroyed them before they could kill the SHIELD agents and director Nick Fury. Shortly after this the Beyonder arrived with Power Man and realizing humans were far too paranoid destroyed his facility anyway and left the heroes and SHIELD agents to ponder his words.[55] Presumably, Bobby returned to Project PEGASUS until his "illness" was becoming terminal. The doctors called in both Henry Pym and Mr. Fantastic to try and treat the boy. With "Bobby" seemingly hanging by a thread, the impostor Iron Fist used his own chi to try and keep "Bobby" alive. Recalling how Captain Marvel managed to slow the terminal cancer he contracted thanks to his Nega-Bands, Pym created replicas in the hopes that they could help slow "Bobby's" own "illness". That night as Iron Fist and hospital staff rested, "Bobby" awoke to searing pain. In a panic he turned into Captain Hero only to find that the pain persisted. Suspecting that the wrist bands might be the source, "Bobby" removed them causing him even greater pain. Unaware of his own strength, Bobby tried to rouse the Iron Fist impostor, but instead beat him to death. Power Man then arrived on the scene just as Captain Hero seemingly disintegrated before his eyes. For a time it seemed that Master Khan's master plan was a success, as Iron Fist appeared to be dead, and his partner Power Man was accused of murdering him and on the run from the law once again.[56] After being dissipated, Kl'rt was returned to his energy form trapped in the Van-Allen Belt around the Earth.[57]

Hero of the Kree/Skrull War[]

Kl'rt (Earth-616) and Norrin Radd (Earth-616) from Silver Surfer Annual Vol 1 1 001

The Super-Skrull lives again[57]

During Kl'rt's long absence from the Skrull Empire much had changed. During the period in which he was first trapped in the Van-Allen belt the Skrull homeworld was consumed by Galactus,[47] the entire Skrull empire had also lost their ability to shapeshift thanks to a Hyper Wave Bomb.[58] When this weakness was learned by their age-old enemies the Kree empire their centuries old conflict began anew.[59] However, after much conflict, the fragmented Skrull empire began rallying behind Empress S'Byll, one of six Skrull governors vying for control of the empire. One of S'Byll's first orders was to send one of her troops to Earth to reconstitute the Super-Skrull, which he succeeded in doing at the cost of his own life.[60] The Super-Skrull materialized over the Earth just as the Silver Surfer was arriving to learn the location of the son of his seemingly deceased lover Mantis.[61] When the Super-Skrull learned from the Surfer what had become of the Skrull empire he attacked the Surfer. But the pair were stopped by the Eternals who were charged with the task of collecting the DNA of both the Surfer and the Skrull for the High Evolutionary who planned to advance humanity's evolution. When the pair refused to submit to the tests willingly, the Eternals captured them and forced them back to their home of Olympia. When they were placed in the "sunset" and "sunrise" pyramids to be examined, both Kl'rt and the Surfer agreed to work together and combined their powers to break free.

Although the Super-Skrull attempted to abandon the Surfer once freed, the former Herald of Galactus came to the Skrull's aid earning his respect when he allowed Kl'rt to flee while he dealt with the Eternals. The Surfer pointed out that Kl'rt was the only Skrull who maintained his shape-changing powers and could be the key to restoring the lost heritage of his entire race and restoring the balance and ending the most recent Kree/Skrull War. While the Super-Skrull flew toward the Skrull Empire, the Surfer convinced the Eternals of the follies their mission entailed. The Super-Skrull, having seemingly forgotten his time working under Master Khan's thrall assumed that it was Empress S'Byll who managed to cure him of his cancer.[57]

The Super-Skrull eventually returned to the Andromeda Galaxy and spotting a skirmish between Kree and Skrull space cruisers, entered the fray securing a victory for the Skrulls.[62] During more desperate times the Skrulls had allied themselves with the Badoon, however the Badoon soon betrayed them to the Kree. Under the command of Empress S'Byll, the Super-Skrull tricked the Silver Surfer in helping fight off the Badoon invaders, making it appear that the Surfer was siding with the Skrulls, and ruining the neutrality pact he negotiated for his homeworld of Zenn-La. The Silver Surfer rushed to his homeworld and began fighting off a Kree invasion force, and was ultimately assisted by the Skrull armada including the Super-Skrull. On the planets surface, Kl'rt and Empress S'Byll explained they needed the Surfer's alliance because he was the only one who could assist them in restoring the Skrulls shape changing abilities. It was explained to the Surfer that only a female Skrull could transfer the shape-shifting powers back to their race, and so the Surfer agreed to use his Power Cosmic to power a device that would transfer the genetic template for shape-shifting from Kl'rt and restore S'Byll's own metamorphic powers. When another Kree fleet threatened Zenn-La, the Surfer, Kl'rt and S'Byll -- now endowed with a highly metamorphic body -- destroyed the fleet, further cementing the Surfer's position in the war on the side of the Skrulls.[63] When the Kree attacked Zenn-La again, this time led by their leader Nenora, Kl'rt and S'Byll assisted the Surfer in fighting them off until the Surfer convinced Nenora not to attack Zenn-La again, a promise that struck the two Skrulls as very strange.[64]

Reptyl (Earth-616) and Kl'rt (Earth-616) from Silver Surfer Vol 3 28 001

Seemingly slain by Cap'n Reptyl[65]

Kl'rt and the Surfer returned with S'Byll to her homeworld of Satriani where she began to restore the shape-shifting powers to her fellow Skrulls to assist in the battle ahead. This process was interrupted by the cosmic being known as the Stranger, who sought to examine S'Byll. While the Surfer and Kl'rt attempted to stop him, they only managed to rescue S'Byll thanks to the unlikely interference of the space pirate known as Cap'n Reptyl who exchanged his own mutant crew to the Stranger for S'Byll's freedom. Reptyl then offered his aid in the coming conflict with the Kree much to the chagrin of both the Surfer and Kl'rt.[66] By this time Kl'rt was growing to love S'Byll and when he caught her and Reptyl embracing he angrily attacked. The two battled fiercely, but Reptyl turned out to be ultimate victor when he seemingly slew the Kl'rt by ripping his throat out. Believing his ally to be dead, the Silver Surfer then flew him to a nearby planet and dropped him at escape velocity, intending for his body to be incinerated upon entry into the planet's atmosphere.[65] Kl'rt was not dead however and as he plunged down through the planet's atmosphere he began to heal. His inert form was recovered by a Badoon scout craft, but having fully recovered he easily slew all aboard the vessel.[67] Despite his recovery, the Super-Skrull was not involved in the final battle which ultimately saw the end of the Kree/Skrull War for the time being.[68]


Kl'rt (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Annual Vol 1 24 001

Hero of the Skrull people[69]

The Super-Skrull revealed his survival to the Skrull race and he was hailed as a hero for his part in restoring the Skrull heritage and the sacrifices he made in the war. However, Empress S'Byll had decided that it was in her best interests to let certain people believe that Kl'rt was slain in the battle, already sending out propaganda making everyone believe that the Super-Skrull seen during the war victories was merely an actor to keep his "death" a secret from the people. Initially Kl'rt agreed to follow orders, but after praying to a statue of the war god Sl'gur't the Super-Skrull was determined to die before suffering dishonour. The Super-Skrull then tracked down Cap'n Reptyl's ship, and despite the immunity granted to the pirate by Empress S'Byll he seemingly killed Reptyl by pulling him out into space and choking him seemingly to death in the vacuum of space. Kl'rt then immediately reported back to the Empress to inform her of what he had done. Furious, S'Byll demoted Kl'rt to serve aboard Commander K'Targh's imperial star fleet until she had need of him in the future. Kl'rt then left in disgrace to follow those orders.[69]

Kl'rt later sought to redeem himself in the eyes of his empress and learned how Rick Jones had written a book about his experiences fighting alongside Earth's heroes and began a book tour. With some loyal followers Kl'rt took over the dying town of Bunkport, Utah and arranged to have Rick's book signing tour to pass through the area for a book signing. When Rick arrived the Skrulls attempted to attack him. When Rick fought them off, Kl'rt tricked Jones by shape-shifting himself to look like the Thing. With Rick's guard down, the Super-Skrull easily knocked him out. They then began torturing Rick mentally and physically to try and learn how he utilized the Destiny Force during the Kree/Skrull War. Meanwhile, Rick's friends Bruce Banner and Betty Ross came to Bunkport searching for Rick. The Super-Skrull then led them into a trap by posing as a little girl who knew where Rick was. When he took them to where his ship was stashed, the Super-Skrull revealed his true identity and attacked.[70] What Kl'rt didn't expect was that Banner was also the incredible Hulk and met his match when Banner transformed into his monstrous gray form. Inside Kl'rt's ship, Rick managed to break free and activate its engines. During the fight, the Hulk knocked Kl'rt into the ships energy core, causing the ship to explode and seemingly slaying the Super-Skrull and his crew.[67]

Posing as Daniel Rand[]

Kl'rt (Earth-616) from Namor, the Sub-Mariner Vol 1 15 001

Posing as Iron Fist[71]

Somehow surviving his encounter with the Hulk, the Super-Skrull somehow came to remember his time under the control of Master Khan and decided to take advantage of this knowledge to advance his own ends. Learning of Iron Fist's part ownership of the Rand-Meachum, he sought out Ward Meachum, one of Iron Fist's foes and used his abilities to get him out of prison.[72] Seeking to destroy the Earth, Kl'rt appealed to Meachum's desire for power, offering him his own world to rule and the most beautiful woman in the universe. Meachum agreed and the two conspired to use the financial resources of Rand-Meachum to carry out the Super-Skrull's plan. Provided with knowledge about Iron Fist's personal life, Kl'rt assumed the role of Iron Fist's alter-ego, Daniel Rand. Posing as Danny, he hypnotized Ward's niece Joy, then owner of Rand-Meachum, into following along with their plan.[73] Then posing as Danny, Kl'rt revealed that Rand was "still alive" during a televised conference, much to shock of Iron Fist's former ally Colleen Wing and his ex-girlfriend Misty Knight, who was still reeling over the "death" of Danny and the disappearances of her last boyfriend, Tyrone King.[74] Correctly suspecting an impostor, Misty and Colleen paid a visit to the Rand-Meachum building and confronted "Danny". However, Kl'rt was well versed in Iron Fist's past and was able to replicate his appearance completely as well as manipulate his flame powers to make it appear as though he could create Danny's "Iron Fist" attack, destroying Misty's mechanical arm. He then coldly rejected the two women and ordered them out of "his" building and out of his life.[8] However Kl'rt's hold on Joy Meachum was becoming harder and harder to maintain requiring him to repeatedly hypnotize her. However they began their expedition into the Savage Land, using hypnotic coercion to force its ruler Ka-Zar to follow along with their plans.[75]

They began excavating a Nuwali device out of the ground in the Savage Land. This operation caused the ocean surrounding Antarctica to heat up, putting the kingdom of Atlantis into peril. This drew the Sub-Mariner, his cousin Namorita, and their ally Carrie Alexander to the area. Namor went into the Savage Land alone, and found the excavation of the Nuwali device, but was ambushed from behind by "Iron Fist" and knocked out.[71] Kl'rt and Ward began to torture Namor to try and learn what he knew, but Namor broke free and fought back against "Iron Fist". While Namorita joined the battle, "Rand" was knocked away and was surprised to find that Misty Knight had followed him to the Savage Land. Kl'rt then manipulated Knight's emotions and convinced her to side with him. Misty knocked Namorita out with a gunshot to the head and "Iron Fist" took her prisoner forcing Namor to surrender in order to save her life. Ward and Kl'rt also captured Phoebe Marrs another one of Namor's associates.[76] Namor and Namorita were then freed thanks to Shanna the She-Devil and Namor's steed the Griffin. Meanwhile, Misty tried to stop Ward from abusing Phoebe, and Ward decided to let slip their entire plot. Overhearing this and with their mission almost a success, the Super-Skrull decided that the time for pretences were over and shed his disguise.[77] While the Super-Skrull battled Namor and Namorita, Misty convinced Ward that Kl'rt would likely betray him -- or if he wasn't, Ward had to consider the fact that this "most beautiful woman in the universe" would be based on the standards of a Skrull -- Convinced that he was being double-crossed, Ward rushed out and tried to trash the Nuwali device, but was burned to death by the Super-Skrull. However, before Kl'rt could complete his mission, Namor smashed the device, forcing the Super-Skrull to abandon his plans and flee the scene.[73]

More Failures[]

Returning to space, the Super-Skrull sought to restore his lost honour and the respect his rulers had of him. During the Operation Galactic Storm conflict, the Skrulls stole a massive Shi'ar Nega-Bomb destined to the Kree galaxy.[78] When it passed through a warp-gate between the Shi'ar galaxy and Earth's solar system, the ship was attacked by the Avenger known as Quasar who sought to stop the device from being taken to the Kree galaxy. The Super-Skrull was dispatched to defend the ship and was easily defeated. However Quasar was forced to let the Skrulls continue on their path as the Nega-Bomb's proximity to Earth's sun threatened to destroy it.[79][80] Although the Nega-Bomb was detonated in Kree space,[81] the Avengers punished those who were guilty.[82] Some time after this, during the so-called Infinity Crusade, the Skrull Empire fell under the sway of the Goddess, furious that his people were being forced into passiveness, and immune to the effects himself Kl'rt went out to search for the being responsible. He tracked the Goddess to her base on the world Paradise Omega. However, the Goddess had detected his approach and sent Thor -- who was loyal to her cause at the time -- to stop him. Kl'rt fared no better against Thor this time and was beat into unconsciousness and left on an asteroid.[83] The Goddess was later defeated by a coalition of super-heroes, mostly from Earth, who opposed the Goddess' plans which would have seen the destruction of the entire universe.[84]

The Super-Skrull was later sought out by Thanos once again and drafted into his "Secret Defenders", which also included the Pyraxlonian known as Geatar as well as Earth born super-villains the Rhino, Nitro, and the Titanium Man. Thanos requested that they work together and collect the so-called Oracle of Ancient Knowledge who was worshipped by the a religious order of monks on the planet H'aarg. He appealed to each of their wants, claiming that the monks were planning a holy war across the galaxy, and appealing to Kl'rt's desire to regain his lost honour, pointing out that stopping this war from happening would assist him in that cause. The Super-Skrull grudgingly agreed to join and the group, led by Geatar, stormed the monastery on H'aarg to collect the Oracle, but found that the monks were skilled and heavily armed fighters and were willing to defend their leader to the death.[85] These "Defenders" fought through the H'aarg forces and defenses and found themselves face-to-face with their messiah and were shocked to find that it was a robot. Incapacitating the machine shut down the teleportation defenses the planet, allowing Thanos to teleport down to the planets surface. Thanos then claimed the messiah and abandoned his hired minions on H'aarg.[86] The group tried to flee, but found that their ship was rigged to explode shortly after their arrival on the planet. They attempted to defend themselves, but Kl'rt was knocked out in the fighting. The "Defenders" managed to escape thanks to the quick thinking of the Titanium Man, who was able to repair the ships escape pod to make a crude escape from the planet. However the lack of power and oxygen could hardly sustain them and they soon passed out and would have died had Geatar had not activated the distress signal. The group was then rescued by the Silver Surfer and his ally Legacy. When the Surfer intended to take Geatar to answer for his past crimes, the Super-Skrull attempted to defend him, but Geatar agreed to surrender. The Super-Skrull went his own way, vowing to avenge the Surfer's effrontery.[87]

Later, the Super-Skrull was plucked out of time by Aron the Rogue Watcher to battle the Fantastic Four and Fantastic Force. When Aron was defeated his pawns were returned to their proper times with no memory of the battle.[88] The Super-Skrull returned to Empress S'Byll's command and was designated to command a patrol ship. When they happened upon the Silver Surfer it was during a period when the Surfer had briefly gone insane. Seeing this as yet another opportunity to repair the damage to his reputation, Kl'rt went out to battle the Surfer, but he was unprepared for the near insane cosmic being. The Surfer beat the Super-Skrull within an inch of his life, but decided to let him live to suffer punishment for disobeying orders to attack him.[89]


Growing tired of his current lot, the Super-Skrull relocated to the planet Skrell where he allied himself with a group of Skrulls under the command of the super-computer known as Intelligentsia, the Skrulls answer to the Kree Supreme Intelligence.[3] He was later sent on a mission to Earth to destroy a super-powerful young girl named Kelly Kooliq who could alter reality, someone who the Intelligentsia viewed as a threat. When Kl'rt found the girl he was surprised to see that she did not resist her coming death, but could not bring himself to kill her without a fight. Kl'rt was then attacked by the new Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell) and Moondragon who came to the young girl's aid. However Kelly also summoned the Silver Surfer to Earth as well.[90] Shocked that the girl wanted to end her own life, the three heroes were unsure how to go about things when Kelly helped the Super-Skrull escape by using her powers. Kl'rt decided to go against orders and instead of killing Kelly, decided to bring her back to Skrell, intending to convince Intelligentsia. When the trio came after them again, Kelly used her powers once again to help them escape to Earth.[91] Once on Skrell, Kl'rt was surrounded by troops with orders to kill him, but he convinced Intelligentsia to hear him out. While trying to explain the girl's military use, Captain Marvel, Moondragon and the Surfer arrived and another battle rang out. During the fight, Marvel switched places with his partner Rick Jones who convinced the girl that she could stop everything if she willed it that her powers never existed. Succeeding in doing so, the girl disappeared and the heroes departed.[3]

Lon Zelig[]

Kl'rt (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Vol 3 37 001

Original form of Lon Zelig[92]

Giving up on redeeming himself, the Super-Skrull returned to Earth where he took over the identity of special effects master Lon Zelig and lived in seeming anonymity. Eventually he ended up working for Hawk Productions to work on a film for his old foe the Human Torch. When Johnny Storm arrived for the first meeting, Skrull assassins arrived disguised as the Fantastic Four seeking to eliminate Kl'rt for crimes against the empire. Kl'rt fled, but eventually he revealed himself to the Torch and that his "teammates" were really Skrull spies that were hunting him, after he killed them all and left the scene.[92] The Torch never betrayed Kl'rt's double identity, and he continued operating as Zelig for a time.[93] However he was tracked down by both the Puppet Master and the Mad Thinker who were gathering an army of Fantastic Four villains to attack their mutual foes. The Super-Skrull was in attendance, but after the Puppet Master's recruitment speech, he and the rest of the attendees left, unaware that this was all part of an elaborate plot to collect their DNA. This DNA eventually fell into the hands of the Fantastic Four who began using it to track down their foes, thanks to falsified calculations that led Mr. Fantastic to believe they would die in two years if they did not stop all their foes.

Kl'rt (Earth-616) from Fantastic Four Foes Vol 1 3 001

Second form of Lon Zelig[93]


However, this DNA tracker was not needed to hunt down the Super-Skrull, who had grown bored with Earth and sought to return home. He got in touch with a SHIELD agent that was willing to smuggle him equipment, but it proved to be insufficient for his uses. Taking a gamble, he disguised himself as Franklin Richards, the son of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman to infiltrate the Baxter Building and steal the equipment he needed. However, Mr. Fantastic saw through the disguise and thinking her son was in danger the Invisible Woman savagely attacked Kl'rt.[93] By the time the Fantastic Four learned that Franklin was okay, and that they had forgotten to pick him up from school, Sue stopped her assault but by that point the Super-Skrull was already knocked out. He was then placed in stasis aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier with other captured Fantastic Four villains while Reed worked on building a new Vault prison in the Negative Zone.[95]

When the prison was complete, Kl'rt and the other captured villains were placed within. However, the Mad Thinker's plan came to fruition with a means to get into the Negative Zone with his Negative Zone ally Threska they breached the prison and staged a jailbreak to cover their flight into the Negative Zone.[96] The Super-Skrull and the others attempted to escape but they were defeated and returned to their cells by the Fantastic Four and their allies the She-Hulk and Hercules. The Mad Thinker's plot was eventually realized and he too was later captured as well.[97]

Heir to the Throne[]

Kl'rt (Earth-616) and Theodore Altman (Earth-616) from Young Avengers Vol 1 9 001

The Super-Skrull capturing Hulkling

The Super-Skrull eventually broke out of the Vault in the Negative Zone, although the circumstances are unrevealed.[98] Learning that the long dead Princess Anelle had a child with his old foe, the original Captain Marvel, and that the Skrull empire was seeking out this heir -- named Dorrek VIII -- the Super-Skrull made it his mission to find the boy first. Dorrek VIII turned out to be Teddy Altman, also known as the Hulkling, who was a member of the recently formed Young Avengers team. The Young Avengers managed to fight off the Super-Skrull when he attempted to abduct Teddy. They fled to their teammate Wiccan's family home. There they were shocked to find Teddy's adoptive mother and secret Skrull, Mary-Jo Altman, suddenly the Super-Skrull arrived and attacked, killing Mary-Jo, revealing the truth he was so quick to deny-- that he was indeed a Skrull. In the confusion, the Super-Skrull managed to escape with the Hulkling as his prisoner.[16] Aboard his ship, the Super-Skrull told Teddy his origins and how he had to return to the Skrull Empire as their ruler in order to reunify his people. When Teddy continued to refuse to go, Kl'rt attempted to use his hypnotic powers when the Young Avengers suddenly attacked. With Kl'rt subdued, he went on to explain that Teddy's biological parents were dead, and before he could explain things further an army of Kree soldiers appeared on the scene seeking to force Teddy into the Kree military as all youth of the Kree empire are required.[99]

When Teddy refused to join the Kree another battle erupted, but the Young Avengers managed to flee with the injured Super-Skrull. As they fled, Kl'rt noticed a resemblance between Wiccan and their newest member Speed and wondered if they were the children of the Avengers' Scarlet Witch and the Vision. Their flight was interrupted when both Kree and Skrull forces came for Teddy and the New Avengers arrived on the scene as well, starting a three way battle over Teddy's fate.[5] Amidst the chaos, the Super-Skrull came to realize that Hulkling's place was truly on Earth. The pair then conspired a way to end the fighting so that Teddy could remain on Earth. The fight was stopped when the Super-Skrull disguised himself as Hulkling and agreed to spend half of the year in the Kree and Skrull empires and decide which side he preferred to be on. With the decision agreed upon the Kree and Skrulls left with the Super-Skrull disguised as Hulkling.[9]

Annihilation Wave[]

However the Super-Skrull's ruse would never come to fruition as shortly after his return, the Negative Zone ruler Annihilus launched his Annihilation Wave upon the Andromeda Galaxy. Spying on Kree Star-Base Yon-Rogg, the Super-Skrull learned that the Skrull empire was the first to be attacked by Annihilus and his forces.[100] Kl'rt returned to his home galaxy and attempted to defend the planet Aks'Lo from attack. The warriors stationed there were no match for the Annihilation Wave, and the Super-Skrull was the sole survivor, just barely escaping the Harvester of Sorrow as it consumed the entire planet. Hoping to stop the Annihilation Wave before it could reach Z'aragz'na, Kl'rt went to Warlord S'Bak to attempt to rally troops to fight back against the Annihilation Wave, but she refused to sacrifice her men, hoping to win the power struggle over control of the Skrull Empire. Furious, Kl'rt struck her and was ordered to death and was forced to fight his own people while fleeing. Salvation came when he was rescued by a young mechanic named R'Kin whose father fought alongside Kl'rt years earlier during the Battle of Harkoon. The boy asked to join Kl'rt on his quest to save the empire. At first thinking the boy to be a trap, Kl'rt agreed to take him on. Seeking to rally an army of those in the Negative Zone who might fight against their ruler, Kl'rt and R'Kin travelled to Earth where they convinced Kl'rt's old foe Reed Richards to send them into the Negative Zone.[17]

Annihilation Super-Skrull Vol 1 3 Textless

Super-Skrull's army

The Super-Skrull cut a swath of destruction across the Negative Zone searching for a means to destroy the Harvester of Sorrows, torturing the minions of Annihilus and then slaughtering them after they gave him the information he sought. Horrific acts that changed R'Kin's opinion of his idol. They were drawn to the Nexus of Igoa and the UX-73 prison to find Hawal the inventor of the Harvester who now ran the prison. Kl'rt stormed the prison and destroyed its defenses and then beat Hawal senseless, forcing him to agree to create a virus to destroy the Harvester. When the prisoners attempted to get revenge against their ruler, Kl'rt beat them into submission and convinced them into joining his cause. The prisoners agreed, and his most loyal followers was the sentient machine known as Praxagora and the multiplying Preak.[101] As he trained his people, Kl'rt rejected a romantic advance from Praxagora. When R'Kin finally completed a portal back to the positive matter universe, the Super-Skrull led his army of prisoners against the Annihilation Wave and the Harvester of Sorrows. R'Kin convinced Kl'rt to let him fire the missile containing the virus, but in the end R'Kin betrayed the Super-Skrull and his army to the Annihilation Wave and Kl'rt, Praxagora, and Preak were all captured. Kl'rt then watched helplessly as the Harvester of Sorrows consumed Z'aragz'na, killing his son and all on the planet.[21]

Kl'rt then used his hypnotic powers to force R'Kin to free them. With enemy forces at the door, Preak provided a diversion while Kl'rt and Praxagora fled. Kl'rt tracked down R'Kin to the shuttle bay. Learning that the boy betrayed them because he was changed by Kl'rt's ruthlessness, he offered the Super-Skrull a chance to escape. Instead Kl'rt cut off R'Kin's limbs and cauterized the stumps, leaving him quadriplegic and trapped aboard the ship. Kl'rt then joined Praxagora in the bowels of the Harvester where she planned to unleash her destructive energy core. Kl'rt refused to leave her, using his Torch powers to absorb the heat. The two gave in to their emotions and embraced as the Harvester of Souls was destroyed around them. Praxagora survived the blast, but Kl'rt was seemingly killed in the blast.[102] Praxagora brought the seemingly dead body of Kl'rt to the world of Daedalus 5 where resistance forces led by Nova were fighting a losing battle against the Annihilation Wave. Her arrival preceded the arrival of the elite guards of Annihilus known as the Centurions attacked the planet.[103] Prax brought Kl'rt's inert body to the medical bay, but soon the battle was on top of them. During the battle, Kl'rt revived but did not join the battle as the heroes were pulling back. When exiled Kree soldier Ronan the Accuser decided to break off from the resistance to retake control of the Kree empire from the House of Fiyero to boost their ranks, the Super-Skrull and Praxagora agreed to join him on his mission.[104] When they arrived on the Kree capital world of Hala they clashed with Kree forces fighting their way into the House of Fiyero where they caught the business men that consisted of Fiyero making a deal with the Centurions. The trio defeated the Centurions and their leader Ravenous. With their foes defeated, Ronan slew the House of Fiyero and took command of the Kree empire.[105] Super-Skrull was busy on Hala while Nova and his allies slew Annihilus and defeated his Annihilation Wave. In the aftermath of the battle concessions were made that allowed the survivors of the Annihilation Wave to take control of various conquered Kree worlds including the Kree homeworld of Kree-Lar.[106]

Phalanx Conquest[]

With relative peace re-established in the Andromeda System, Ronan's first act was to establish a new security net for the Kree Empire. However this system was compromised by the technorganic Phalanx, then under the command of the Earth built robot Ultron. They took control of the Kree world of Hala, built a Babel Spire and assimilated much of the population, including high ranking members of society which were dubbed the "Selects". This included Ronan and his allies Praxagora and Kl'rt.[107] However while Ronan accepted assimilation, Kl'rt and Prax fought against it and were soon joined by another prisoner of the Phalanx, a man known only as Wraith, who had the power to not only resist the Phalanx's Transmode Virus but to also expel it by summoning Exolon Plasmoids that could force the infection to abate.[15]

Kl'rt (Earth-616) from Annihilation Conquest - Wraith Vol 1 2 001

Infected with the Transmode Virus

When the Phalanx attempted to convert Wraith he fought back, and during the struggle he accessed the computers and reversed the assimilation process on Kl'rt and Prax allowing them to break free from Phalanx control. Kl'rt and Prax then fled with Wraith to the ship run by Kree resistance fighter Ra-Venn and joined their cause to free the Kree empire from Phalanx control.[108] Attacking the world of Rei-Vaj they captured a Phalanx scientist and probed his mind to learn that the Phalanx fleet was passing through Kirvati Pass. They launched an attack and while Kl'rt and Prax battled Kree forces, Wraith went to destroy the Supreme Intelligence which was under the control of the Phalanx. He was attacked by Ronan, but the battle ended when Wraith used his powers to purge the Phalanx from Ronan's system freeing them from his control. Ronan then joined their cause to stop the Phalanx infestation of the Kree galaxy.[109] Seeking allies they headed to the ceded portion of the Kree galaxy to seek the assistance of their old foes the Annihilation Wave. As they approached the planet Kree-Lar their ship was shot down.[110] Surviving planet fall, the gathered resistance witnessed as the Phalanx and Annihilation Wave forces clashed. During a lull in the fighting Ronan convinced the hive to allow them a peaceful audience with Ravenous.[111] However their wish for an alliance was all a ruse, while Kl'rt and the others subdued Ravenous and used him as a hostage to keep his forces at bat, Ronan access a secret room in the Kree-Lar throne room, his real objective all along.[112] Below was an army of Sentry robots that were separate from the main War-Net, keeping them uninfected by the Phalanx. Having Wraith coat them in his Exolon Plasmoids to protect them from the Transmode Virus, Ronan intended to use them to annihilate Hala.[113] However upon their arrival in Hala space, Ultron took control of Prax and knocked out Wraith leaving the Sentry army vulnerable to Phalanx infection. He then set Prax to explode, however Kl'rt saved the others with an invisible force-field. Ultron then made his final push to crush the resistance, but he was seemingly destroyed by a coalition of heroes which included Nova, Quasar, the Technarch known as Warlock, Star-Lord, and Adam Warlock, saving the Kree galaxy.[114]

Secret Invasion[]

Kl'rt eventually learned that his people were planning an invasion of Earth and sought to get there himself as he learned his daughter had been tracked there as well. Joining a group of enhanced Super-Skrull warriors, he followed them to the planet Dendron where they were to lead a potential opponent to their rule. This turned out to be Kl'rt's old ally Nova. When the other Skrulls attacked Nova, Kl'rt came to his aid slaying them all. He then informed Nova about the danger on Earth and telling Nova that he needed to find his daughter, convinced the Earth born hero to take him with him the Sol system. When they arrived they were attacked by a Skrull fleet in Earth orbit, where it appeared that Kl'rt was actually loyal to the Secret Invasion and turned on Nova.[14] In reality, Kl'rt only made it appeared that he had done so and "destroyed" Nova, turning the hero invisible so that he could get to Earth undetected and so he could also go his own way to search for his daughter.[115]

Richard Rider (Earth-616) and Kl'rt (Earth-616) from Nova Vol 4 16 001

Kl'rt pretends to betray Nova during the Secret Invasion

He tracked Jazinda to Minneapolis where she and the She-Hulk had the Skrull talisman known as Nogor as their prisoner. He attacked them as the flew a Skrull cruiser headed en route to New York where the main battle was happening. She-Hulk leapt out and battled Kl'rt in mid air, leaving Jazinda to struggle with Nogor who broke free the from the neural dampener that kept him in sedation.[18] The pair fought, but ultimately Kl'rt got back to Jazinda and was about to kill her, with Nogor goading him on in the hopes of reclaiming the Sy-Torak gem inside her. However She-Hulk convinced Kl'rt to spare her life as she was all the family he had left. Kl'rt then fought off Nogor and then left, telling She-Hulk to make up a story that Nogor spared her life and that if she went after him again he would not spare her life.[20] Not long after this, Earth's heroes managed to stop the Skrull invasion.[116]


Having somehow obtained She-Hulk's phone number, he called her some months later and vowed to get revenge for his previous defeat.[117] Kl'rt was apparently apprehended while still on Earth and was imprisoned on the Raft a prison for super-villains. There he was considered as a potential recruit in the beta team of the Thunderbolts.[118] Despite his initial selection he was ultimately not chosen for the beta team.[119]

Escaping through unrevealed circumstances, Kl'rt returned to the Skrull galaxy which now was ruled by various warlords. Becoming a warlord himself, Kl'rt warred for control of the entire empire. That is until the Builders, powerful alien beings who claimed to be the oldest race in the universe, began destroying races they thought to be imperfect, the remnants of the Skrull galaxy was attacked. This forced Kl'rt and the other Skrull warlords to unite. General Dm'yr sacrificed his life and his soldiers to allow the other warlords to flee the galaxy and seek an audience with the Galactic Council which included representatives of various galaxies including the Negative Zone, as well as the Kree, Spartax, Brood and Shi'ar galaxies, as well as assistance from the Avengers of Earth. They set up a trap for the Builders in the sector of space known as the Corridor. However the Builders were prepared for such an ambush and launched a counter attack that cost many and forced the council to flee.[120]

After the Council, their warriors, the Avengers, and refugees had fled to the Behemoth Ringworld to regroup and plan a new strategy. They also questioned one of the Builder's Gardener known as Ex Nihilo who was loyal to their side. However they were betrayed by the Spartax leader J'son who alerted the Builders to their location and they were attacked again.[121] Kl'rt helped with the evacuation, saving the life of Captain America in the process.[122][123] With this latest attack many races bowed down to the Builders, including the Kree. However Kl'rt and remained steadfast to the cause to stop the Builders and added his forces to the flagging resistance, allowing them some small victories.[122]

Despite this they began to lose ground once more, and the Galactic Council agreed to go to Hala which was now under the control of the Builders. It was here that Captain America suggested they surrender.[124] They agreed to send down one soldier to deliver the surrender and the thunder god Thor was chosen. When the Builder in charge ordered Thor to toss away his hammer, Thor complied but this was all a plot, as Thor's hammer boomeranged back and slew the Builder, showing the Kree that they could be killed. With the Kree back on their side, the resistance had their numbers boosted once more.[125] However they faced another set back when they attempted to unleash the Annihilation Wave against the Builders and they were able to force the Wave to consume itself. Things turned around when Captain Universe was revived and used against the Builders. However they sent an order to their Alephs to destroy everything.[126] However the combined effort of the resistance crushed the Alephs and reclaimed all the planets they had taken, landing a victory for the Galactic Council. They then learned that Earth was about to fall to Thanos, and Kl'rt and the others agreed to return with the Avengers and help liberate their world.[127]

Kl'rt (Earth-616) from Infinity Vol 1 6 001

Emperor Kl'rt

After taking out a Thanos outpost on Titan they continued on to Earth.[128] Kl'rt joined the battle directly when the heroes arrived and invaded the SWORD space station which was under the control of Thanos' minion known as Black Dwarf along with Gladiator, Annihilus, Ronan and the Avengers. Black Dwarf was overpowered and was slain in combat.[129] Ultimately, the Avengers stopped Thanos and saved the Earth. In the aftermath of the battles, Kl'rt was crowned the new emperor of the Skrull Empire and they established a new throneworld on Tarnax II.[130]

Infinity Quest[]

Fueled by the desired to remedy the humiliation the Skrull Empire had suffered over the years, Kl'rt began searching for the Infinity Gems. The first gem he located was the Time Gem, hidden beneath the surface of the restored planet of Sakaar.[131][132] Once the gem was in his possession, Kl'rt returned to Tarnax II and had the magician Mt'nox study it to amplify its strengths. When Doctor Strange visited Tarnax II as part of a journey to search for magicians in other planets, he discovered that the Time Stone was in the hands of the Skrulls. He determined the stone was too dangerous to be in their hands, and stole it from Kl'rt. Using the gem's power to jump forward in time several times, Doctor Strange created an army of time-displaced duplicates and defeated the Super-Skrull. He and his partner Kanna left the planet afterwards with the Time Stone.[133]


When the plant-like race named the Cotati reemerged with the intention to destroy both the Skrull and Kree empires for millenia-old transgressions, they used the planets of the Kral System as a testbed for a power-boosting flower called a Death Blossom.[134] In an attempt to squelch the Cotati, Super-Skrull detonated the Pyre, a powerful device that triggered Kral's explosion and burned its planets to a cinder, killing trillions of Krallians.[135] After the plan failed to stop the Cotati, Kl'rt and his Kree counterpart, Tanalth the Pursuer, agreed for both of their empires to form a coalition that became known as the Kree/Skrull Alliance. To consolidate this union Hulkling, was appointed as figurehead of the Alliance since he was a Kree/Skrull hybrid and the prophesized unifier, with Super-Skrull and Tanalth still holding most of her power as part of the Alliance's Royal Guard.[136]

Kree Skrull Alliance (Earth-616) from Empyre Vol 1 1 002

As part of the Alliance

The Alliance attempted to quickly subdue the Cotati on their base of operations in the Blue Area of the Moon, but the Cotati had preventively enlisted the protection of the Avengers.[137] Fooled by the Cotati's pacifist pretense, the Avengers and the Fantastic Four interfered with the Alliance's arrival on the Moon long enough for the Cotati's leader, Quoia, to use a Death Blossom to cripple the Alliance's fleet.[138] The Alliance subsequently worked together with Earth's heroes to stop the Cotati's invasion of Earth. After Hulkling refused to trigger the Pyre on Earth's Sun,[135] he was secretly abducted and impersonated by his grandmother R'Klll, who had been posing as Tanalth all along,[139] and she triggered the Pyre as a show of power for Hulkling and the Alliance. When the real Hulkling was liberated by his husband, Wiccan, and he confronted R'Klll with his allies, she rallied the Royal Guard, including Super-Skrull, against him.[140] Shortly after R'Klll was exposed as an impostor, she was defeated by Hulkling, who stepped up as the true king of the Alliance and no longer a figurehead. Following the defeat of the Cotati, Hulkling decided to punish Kl'rt both for killing his adoptive mother, Mary-Jo Altman, and for the massacre of the Kral System, demoting him to a diplomatic posting so that he would spend the rest of his life avoiding senseless killing to make up for the blood in his hands.[19]

After the Guardians of the Galaxy were sanctioned by the Galactic Council to operate as a peacekeeping task force,[141] Super-Skrull joined the team in operations command duty, monitoring the status of different threats to the galaxy from within the space station Proscenium.[142]


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  • Skrull Shape-Shifting: Like other Skrulls, Kl'rt is a shape-shifter. Thus he has the ability to rearrange the molecules of his body at will into any form, shape or being perceived that he chooses. This allows him him to imitate the appearance of any of the four members of the Fantastic Four, as well as their powers.[2]

Super-Skrull Engineering[]

  • Hypnotic Gaze: The Super-Skrull possesses certain hypnotic abilities, the limits of which are unknown.[2][98]
  • Self Sustenance: Kl'rt can survive in the void and other hostile environments through a combination of his racial abilities and super-powers.[98][108]
  • Fantastic Four Power Mimicry: The Super-Skrull has been bionically re-engineered to possess the combined superhuman powers of the Fantastic Four.[2] The strength of his powers formerly depended on the amount of cosmic energy fed to his body. When fully charged he could fly faster than Human Torch, stretch more than 100 miles and lift (press) more than the Thing could when he first received his powers but when uncharged he held each power at about half the strength that the Fantastic Four did.[98]
    • Cosmic Energy Power-Receptors: His body has been surgically implanted with numerous power-receptors able to gather the same cosmic energy that mutated the Fantastic Four and mimic the functions of their powers. Originally, this power had to be fed to him via a special relaying satellite through these receptors.[2][143] As time went on while he still relied on this transmission of power, prolonged exposure made these power begin to become permanent.[45] It appears that he no longer requires the transmission beam to maintain his powers as he now directly taps cosmic energy.[98]
    • Human Torch: All the powers of the Human Torch.
      • Pyrokinesis: The Super-Skrull possesses the mental ability to control ambient heat energy and the physical ability to transform his entire body, or portions of his body, into a fiery, plasma-like state at will.[98]
      • Plasma Form: The Super-Skrull possesses the physical ability to envelop his entire body or portions of his body with fiery plasma without harm to himself.[98]
      • Fire Manipulation: The Super-Skrull can generate shapes composed of fire from any point on his body, such as long streams of fire.[98]
      • Interstellar Flight: The Super-Skrull with mental stimulation of his flame can form a jet of fire from his feet, directed behind him, which allows him to achieve flight.[98] He can even fly through the void of space.[108]
      • Heat Absorption: The Super-Skrull can absorb infinite amounts of heat. He was able to absorb the equivalent heat of a small sun but this caused him to temporarily fall into a coma.[102][103]
    • Thing: All the powers of the Thing.
      • Superhuman Strength: The Super-Skrull possesses superhuman strength beyond the natural limits of the finest Skrull and equal to that of the Thing.[98] Kl'rt's superhuman strength was originally sufficient to lift just 5 tons, like the Thing when he first got his powers, but when supplied with enough energy he could lift 15 tons.[143] The Super-Skrull possesses enough strength to hurt incredibly tough beings like The Silver Surfer or Thor.[27][57][2]
      • Superhuman Stamina: The Super-Skrull's muscles produce less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the muscles of normal Skrull and can extert himself at peak capacity for one hour before fatigue begins to seriously impair him.[143]
      • Superhuman Durability: The Super-Skrull is far tougher and more resistant to injury than normal Skrulls.[98]
    • Invisible Woman: All the powers of the Invisible Woman.
      • Invisibility: The Super-Skrull possesses the mental ability to manipulate ambient cosmic energy for a variety of effects, including the rendering of himself and other objects invisible, and the construction of solid, invisible force fields.[98]
      • Psionic Force Fields: The Super-Skrull, through concentration, is able to project a field of psionic force which he can manipulate into a number of relatively simple forms; rectangular planes, cylinders, globes, domes, cones, etc.[98]
    • Mister Fantastic: All the powers of Mister Fantastic.
      • Plasticity: The Super-Skrull possesses the ability to convert the mass of his entire body into a highly malleable state at will.
      • Elongation: The Super-Skrull can extend his limbs, torso, or neck to great distances.[98]
      • Grappling: The Super-Skrull may restrain opponents very efficiently by using his elastic form to entangle them.
      • Movement: The Super-Skrull can move at great speeds by stretching to his destination.
    • Combine Powers: Super-Skrull can use more than one power at a time which allows him to combine his powers in various ways, he can create force fields in his flames so that they do not extinguish, among other things.[98]


  • Skrull-Military Training: The Super-Skrull is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, having been extensively trained in the art of warfare by the Skrull military.[98]
    • Aviation: Kl'rt is trained in the use of the advanced warp-drive starships of the Skrull-military.
    • Unarmed Combat: Kl'rt is trained in the unarmed combat of the Skrull-military, he is also quite experienced after his involvement in the Kree-Skrull War, fighting the Fantastic Four, and the Annihilation Wave.
    • Marksmanship: Kl'rt is trained in the use of the ranged energy-weaponry of the Skrull-military.
  • Creative Power-Use[17]: The Super-Skrull is more creative in the use of his powers, when compared with the Fantastic Four (i.e. decapitation).[98]
  • Leadership[101]: Whilst in the Negative Zone, Kl'rt was able to amass an army from the former prisoners of the UX-73 Prison Planetoid.


  • Physical Condition: The Super-Skrull, despite his power enhancement, is still subject to fatigue, disease and injury.[143]



  • Skrull-Military Uniform: The Super-Skrull's costume is a Skrull military uniform that provides him life support in space and alters as he changes shape and size.


  • Skrull-Military Weaponry: Kl'rt, will frequently use the ranged energy-weaponry of the Skrull-military.


  • Skrull-Military Transport: Kl'rt, will frequently use the advanced warp-drive starships of the Skrull-military.



The Super-Skrull is both the most feared warrior of the Skrull Empire and an outcast of his race. Kl'rt himself is always loyal to the Skrulls. Many in the Skrull Empire considered him a relic from a bygone era, but there were those who consider him a hero.[144]

Legal Status[]

Kl'rt was wanted by the Nova Corps for crimes against the peace, murder and alleged war crimes.[144]

The quadrant of these crimes were in:

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