Kl'rt was a Skrull that possessed the abilities of all four members of the Fantastic Four.

He was seen alongside the Skrull Commander, monitoring a captured Captain America. After Cap escaped, he attempted to call security, but was ordered not to, as the Skrull Commander did not see Captain America as a threat.

After the other captured heroes were freed, Kl'rt was ordered to deal with them. He nearly defeated them, but was held off by Captain America long enough for them to escape.[1]

Kl'rt was among the Skrulls attacking Washington, D.C. during the Skrull Invasion. He was taken into custody and held in Prison 42 when the Skrulls were defeated.[2]


Seemingly those of Super-Skrull of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Super-Skrull of Earth-616.


Skrull mothership

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