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Klagg is a peaceful alien from an unknown planet. Klagg is an alien inside a powerful robotic suit of armor which is also his starship. This ship resembles a 7 foot tall humanoid robot. Whilst lost in this sector of the galaxy, Klagg landed on Earth to get his bearings, and was surprised to find the planet inhabited.

Klagg demonstrated the power of his ship to Earth’s leaders. When he learned that the humans of Earth still indulged in petty wars. Klagg decides that it is his duty to destroy Earth's civilization before man's war like nature spreads to the rest of the Universe. Klagg starts to attack the natives, until all nations of the world banded together against Klagg.

Seeing man's unity against him as a sign of hope that mankind may not be all savages. Klagg decides maybe man could work together for peace and progress and the leaves the Earth.[1]

At some point, the Fantastic Four captured Klagg back on Earth and transported him to Monster Isle.[2]

Klagg later teamed up with many other monsters and many other superhumans. They all had one goal, protecting their home planet from a violent invading force of monsters

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