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Klaue's last words[src]


Killing the native guides

Life and Death

Living during the 19th century, Klaue was the racist leader of a group of white Dutch soldiers having been part of the South African campaign. He then targeted Wakanda.

When the natives stopped helping his group though Africa, he executed them, and the group followed his path to Wakanda, now forced to carry their own equipment and supplies.

Klaw's death

Once at the city gates, the would be conquerors were faced by the current Black Panther and a Wakandan device that was revealed to cause their weapons to misfire. They were offered a chance to leave with their lives or only one would survive to the following fight. Firing at the order of Klaue, all the shooters' rifles misfired, severely maiming their owners. The rest were too frightened to even attempt to continue the assault, and Klaw took control of the Gatling gun, which misfired as well, killing him.[1]

Klaw's remains

The rest of the soldiers were let to go after they surrendered, and Klaw's remains (consisting of a foot in a boot) were sent back to Belgium, along with his family, who left South Africa.[2]



Gun, rifle, used briefly a Gatling machine gun

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