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The history of Klaus Kruger of Earth-7848 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart. In this reality he was the dictator of the country of Lichtenbad and also held Dr. Van Eyck as his prisoner. In this reality, Daredevil would be outed as being blind early on in his career, prompting Kruger to exploit the resources that Van Eych had to offer.

Sure enough, Karen Page would convince Matt Murdock to travel to Lichtenbad to seek treatment from Van Eyck. However, when the Duke's men would overhear treasonous comments from Van Eych they would have him captured and Kruger would push forward unleashing his Cobalt Cloud to menace the world. Murdock would go into action as Daredevil once more and battle Kruger and his men. During the fight, Kruger would activate the Cobalt Cloud prompting Dr. Van Eych to try and deactivate the atomic pile. Karen would warn Daredevil of the Doctor's attempted sacrifice and he would knock out Kruger and save Van Eych. Daredevil would deactivate the atomic pile at the expense of his super-human abilities.

The ultimate fate of Klaus Kruger, and his rule over the country of Lichtenbad remain unrevealed.

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Seemingly those of Klaus Kruger (Earth-616)#Powers.


Klaus Kruger's history diverges based on the fact that Karen Page is present in Lichtenbad in this reality due to the fact hat she is aware of Daredevil's double identity. On Earth-616, Matt Murdock would travel to Lichtenbad alone, and would battle the Duke who would fall to his death. Daredevil would arrive to late to save Van Eych from being killed by the massive radiations from the atomic pile, and lose the opportunity to have his vision restored[1]

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