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Klaus was a patient at the Big House when a mass blackout occurred that caused 74 other supervillains across the U.S. to breakout of their specialized prisons. He fought Ant-Man during his escape.[1]

Later, Klaus and the rest of the Serpent Society had attacked the Avengers after taking hostages in the subway. Ant-Man tried to appeal to his human side, but Klaus had been convinced that Madame Hydra of Hydra had promised to assist them. It was later revealed that Ultron had been the one to call them which led them to distracting the Avengers from Ultron's real plan.[2]

At some point, Klaus had been taken and switched with a Skrull imposter. The real Klaus had been taken aboard a Skrull ship along with other people who had been replaced by Skrulls such as Captain America, Madame Hydra, Lyle Getz, Clay Quartermain, Mockingbird, and Henry Gyrich. They were all confronted by The Super Skrull while trying to escape and when Klaus tried to attack him, he was burned the Skrulls ability to replicate the Human Torches powers. Once Cap and Madame Hydra were able to distract him, the rest of the prisoners were able to get on a ship and prep for flight, but while onboard, Klaus was prepared to leave the others behind causing Mockingbird to knock him out.[3]

After the Skrulls had been defeated across the globe, King Cobra and Viper were being transported to the Baxter Building when their S.H.I.E.L.D. convoy was intercepted by the Serpent Society. The ensuing battle led them all into the NY sewers where after battling Captain America and Spider-Man, the group retreated after the sewer was under threat of flooding.[4]

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