The Klklk are a race of insectoids from the planet La'kll. It's a world which is is countless light years from Earth. On which they had established a vast and benevolent civilization which farmed the worlds of its system. When their food ran out because their soil was no longer fertile, they were forced to travel to other worlds. They would only take what they needed for sustenance, and in exchange they would give those worlds their super-seed which they had developed eons ago. Once it was planted, it would feed that world for millennia. They ferry the super-seed to the surface and tech the natives how to nurture the super-seed. All the insectoids requested is that they grow not only their own food but also food for the Klklk.

The Klklk arrived on Earth to repeat the process, and encountered angry farmers in Quebec ( Canada) who violently resisted efforts to harvest crops. They attacked the Klklk, using lethal force but the Klklk were able to disarm them. The Hulk interfered, forcing the Klklk to retreat. He jumped on board their spacecraft and attacked those on board, in the process bursting open the storage room which contained the super-seed. He was pacified by the queen's telepathy who explained who they were and what they were doing. The Hulk was advised that the super-seed was ruined, therefore they would not be able to share it with the Earth.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Telepathy, disintegration bolts, webbing


Habitat: 73% surface covered with water, world-wide mineral content is depleted, lots of farmland
Gravity: 120% Earth standard
Atmosphere: 63% nitrogen, 28% oxygen
Population: 4.4 billion


Type of Government: Hive-like matriarchy
Level of Technology: Intermediate level starships, skilled in genetic engineering in plants as they are primarily an agricultural society
Cultural Traits: Highly benevolent
Representatives: Ba't'll, queen of the hive

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